Remove invite code field from forums profiles

While many invite codes are guessable based on player name, having that information more visible makes it easier to hack player accounts, which could have devastating consequences if the hacked player is GM for a guild.


It’s optional. :person_shrugging:
(My invite code isn’t real.)
And not every hacked tale is real.
But if the tale turn outs to be real then my account was hacked and all they did was leave this comment and sent Salty a :bone: pic before unhacking it.

Great idea for a thread. Although a hacker would need more info the invite code is one less thing for them have if it’s removed from the forum profiles. Make it at least harder for them to find all the info needed.

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I hack and slash all the time with my axe, unless I’m using a war hammer, and then it’s smash and bash.

It could have been a hacker, it could have been a significant other.

Trust but verify. If a player’s data is saved on the server, than a Guild’s should as well. What is the harm in returning a Guild to its players? Unless it is a guild full of hackers. I wouldn’t know, I’m on Xbox.

Yes, it is suggested that the invite code is shown openly. Although just an invite code may not reveal a lot to anyone. Players reserve the right to not reveal any detail at all. For now, there is an option to enter anything in that field on forums. Of course, it would be great if devs can remove it completely.

The invite code is supposed to be shared, to invite players into guilds. To hijack an account you need the already hidden username and password. While security isn’t really a bad thing, concealing your face with a paper bag to make it more difficult to steal the pin number of your credit card might not work out too well.


Each piece of the puzzle you give freely makes it that much easier.

That’s why escalation of privileges is a keystone to compromising accounts. They peel your onion one layer at a time.