Questions regarding Honor Ranks, Abuse of them and Spoofing other Players

Just a few questions here about honor ranks and abuse of them.

Is there anything in place to stop Guilds from either honoring their own members continually (I can’t remember if you can honor your own guild members or not), or from sister guilds (or guilds with similar agreements) from just colluding and honoring each other?

Also, about Dishonor ranks. They’re earned when players report someone for a violation, correct? So, seeing as how a player can have the same name as another player, what’s to stop them from impersonating another player and then either saying something offensive in chat and/or encouraging others to report that player for some violation (whether accurate or not)? Yes, you’ve mentioned that the invite codes allow YOU to see which player is ACTUALLY responsible for the violation, but if the impersonator changes their name again to something other then their target, what’s to stop the hate and further reporting of that person from people with a mob mentality or who believe the impersonators accusations? I understand that the impersonator can be tracked using their own invite code and that they will incur dishonor to themselves for false reporting, but what about the exoneration of the person accused in the first place?

Since players cannot see these unique invite codes, players will find it hard to exonerate themselves from malicious word of mouth and/or faked violations against them, which in turn could make it hard for them to find a guild, recruit, converse in chat/forums, etc. I understand that invite codes should probably remain confidential, as they’re used when filing support tickets as well and used as identifiers there, and could could lead to further abuse by those who found out this information by filing false support tickets. I’m just wondering if any unique and publicly visible identifiers have been considered for players? One that cannot be duplicated by those looking to troll and/or cause harm to other players?

If I’m wrong on any of the above information, please correct me, as this is just the situation as I see it currently.

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I see the new system as being open to so much abuse. Terrible idea from the devs side.


I fully agree with this. There is only small detail that is overlooked but still important. Far as name duplication, it can’t be done but for caps and spaces. Many people wouldn’t notice. In fact, someone on Xbox did this lately in Global to mock someone else who is a bit of a notorious “join my guild” spammer (no call outs!). That sort of behavior meant to further shame them was not needed. But I myself didn’t catch the impersonator until someone in a top guild pointed out the spelling space caps difference. I would hope the devs would recognize that as well. “Jack” and "Jack " looks the same in chat to most.
Maybe a good way to keep honor in check is no intra guild, cannot tag the same tag twice in a week? This would also check people boosting their own alts daily.

I would ask you not to panic before the feature is even released.

One of the first things we asked ourselves when designing this feature was “how are people going to try to abuse this?” and thus came up with ways to prevent that.

As for players being able to have the same display names, I’ve passed feedback onto the team that players would like this to be phased out.

(Sorry to all the Kafkas out there if the team decides to make unique display names as I know there’s at least 50 Kafkas and as a Dev I get first pick of my name).


You rock @Kafka !!!

I would give you 2 honor points right now if i Could :slight_smile:

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Haha thanks @Rickygervais I’m sort of disappointed kind of that Devs don’t have a standard Honor rank, we have a special Dev rank which doesn’t change, I’d be curious to see what Honor Rank I earn xD


Just make a new account and call it “not kafka” (no one will suspect) and then tell lots of good jokes in global nd u will b fine :relaxed:

use this thread if u need any help, they r all sure to be a big hit: Some Really Funny Jokes I Invented

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@Kafka Thank you for the reassurances regarding these issues. I myself am not too worried about them, but just thought I would bring up some salient points regarding these new features as I’m sure there are going to be a lot of people wondering the same things.

I think that the phasing out of duplicate names would definitely be something players would like to see as well. :slight_smile:

Thank you to all the Gems of War team, you all do an amazing job. :heart:

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