Why I like being an F2P player

  • It’s free.
  • I own every weapon and all but four legendary troops.
  • Routinely telling level 1000 players to kiss my Celestial Traitstone.
  • I have several Celestial Traitstones needing to be kissed.
  • My main hero on Steam and my alt Hero on my phone can be in the same guild.
  • It’s free.
  • I can be a goat. (Oh wait, wrong game.)
  • Routinely telling gobbo armies to go play in the Arena.
  • I don’t feel guilty about playing other games while my kingdoms collect tribute.
  • Devs already have plenty of VIP 10 players.
  • Routinely telling VIP 10 players they need to spend more $ to keep up.
  • I only need another 1M souls to get all my troops to max level.
  • Last time I checked, it’s still free.


I’m pretty sure there are less than five VIP 10 players. From what I last recall, VIP 10 costs $790. I have spent a little under $50 on this game. Most people that do spend on this game seem to drop $5, $25, or $50. There are many committed spenders that go to a couple $100s, but I doubt many of those higher spenders exceed $200-300. If there are dozens of people spending more than $500+ on this game, I really wish I had their kind of money to throw around. xD


I have only ever bought the $5 bundle for the armor that gives +25% Souls and +50% EXP until I built up enough Gems for the good Armors.

I like this game because F2P and P2W players can be evenly matched more often than most “freemium” games.


There are a lot more VIP10 players out there than you’d think… I think…


Checking in as a VIP 10 player. However, it turns out that I laid out all that cash before VIP even existed so I’ve been there since day one. The only thing I regret about it is I didn’t buy Keeper of Souls when it was available & it’s still my only missing troop.


Endgame outside looking in on KoS club +1.

I’m guild leader and I think 4 out of the 5 players below me have him. It’s embarrassing. IM A LAUGHING STOCK.


Yes, yes you are.


vip 10 player myself. Actually got KoS in an iron key chest before 1.08. first legendary actually.


Gloating is not permitted in this forum!


Or Goating…


@jainus you should feel really sheepish about that last remark.


Oh my goat what is going on :scream:


So should Ewe…


@jainus You win - I hereby dub you official King of Horsing Around.


We kidd we kidd…


I was lucky enough to get Keeper with some event keys a couple weeks ago. The one I keep seeing that I really want is Bone Dragon. Haven’t been able to get that one yet.


At level 103 I actually have 2 keeper of soul’s :p. But I’m sure I’ll be level 1000 before I get a Sheggra…