How much dollars for the VIP > 10?

Do someone know the amount of dollars for the VIP ranks > 10, plz?
VIP 11 → ?
VIP 12 → ?
VIP 13 → 500$
VIP 14 → ?
VIP 15 → ?

$790 USD. From 1 to 10. Total you need to spend.

Thanks but the VIP ranks have been increased to level 15. That’s why I asked the dollars required for the VIP ranks > 10 (11 to 15) ;-).

Wow. Hadn’t noticed that. I’ll have to take a look to see where I am now. If I find out the numbers I’ll let you know.

@turintuor So I’ve spent money investing in the game after vip 10. This has put me at vip 12 but to get to 13 I need 2500 points. I’m sitting at 780. Since they give 5 points for every dollar spent I need to spend $344 more to get there. And then there is still two more levels which will require an even greater point collection to aquire.

@Sirrian you have created an enormous cash investment requirement for attaining these vip levels. I think they are way out of the general public’s ability or desire to spend on a game. Level 14 I am guessing will require 5000 points or another $1000 dollar investment. And level 15 will be even worse. I hope you’re not counting on those vip dollars. I could be wrong but I think you will be disappointed with the result.


I hope they give vip key and not glory key for this price

Just out of interest what are the rewards for Vip 11 to 15? Anything super sensational?

You can look them up yourself in the shop. They’re visible even if you didn’t get there yet.

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I wish i could but im on console

VIP Level 11:

  • New troops start at level 15
  • 1 Free Gem Key per day
  • +55% Gems from the Shop (excludes bundles, special offers & daily bundles)

VIP Level 12:

  • 100 Glory per Day on Login
  • +60% XP Bonus
  • +60% Gems from the Shop (excludes bundles, special offers & daily bundles)

VIP Level 13:

  • +150% Soul Bonus (from battles, arenas and quests)
  • 1 More Gem Key per day (for a total of 2)
  • +65% Gems from the Shop (excludes bundles, special offers & daily bundles)

VIP Level 14:

  • 200 Glory per Day on Login
  • +70% XP bonus
  • +70% Gems from the Shop (excludes bundles, special offers & daily bundles)

VIP Level 15:

  • 150% Gold Bonus (from battles, arenas and quests)
  • 1 More Gem Key per day (for a total of 3)
  • +75% Gems from the Shop (excludes bundles, special offers & daily bundles)

Thank you well gem key is not what i was expecting they could give seal keys or vip
When you spend over 1000$ on a game you expect the best

It’s been concluded previously that it is not the VIP levels that you should be paying (read; aiming) for.

VIP was added as a means to reward players loyalty, not trick them into spending all their money. If there’s something in the Shop you’re willing to pay for, buy it! VIP levels are a minuscule extra as a way of saying,
“Hey, thanks! We do what we can to provide a fun experience for everyone and appreciate your contribution!”

So don’t think of VIP levels as “goals”, just like you shouldn’t consider level 10,000 a “goal”, but merely something to keep you occupied and interested should you achieve such a milestone.

At least that’s how I see it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


In a similar vein of thinking to @Rickygervais
Perhaps if VIP levels made the mundane things a bit easier for those who contribute
Open all chests & mail button, slider bar for leveling troops to a chosen level, timer for tribute collection or automatic tribute collection x times per day when not logged in (where x was your VIP level), display option for kingdom level points on the troops screen.
Things that can be done or obtained for ‘free’ but would make life a bit easier could be an easy way to reward people who have paid money - without unbalancing the in-game economics
Rewards for money contributed - without making it P2W or providing a heavy enticement to VIP level up - just some nice perks to say thanks

Yes I agree that these VIP bonus are designed to thank the players that gave some dollars.
And, some bonus are quite interesting like the “New troops start at level 15” and one can be interested to give money to attain this bonus.

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It’s almost 2000$ total, for me it is more then “some dollars” for this price i still think We should get vip keys not gem keys


You get whatever you buy for the money you spend. The VIP rewards are just icing on the cake. Many games have no VIP system, no matter how much you spend.

Holy crap if I ever hit those high VIP levels I would have an ultimate reality check :stuck_out_tongue:
Over 2,000 dollars on a gAme!! Man I can buy a car for that price that will last me longer

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It’s also the cost of 133 movies providing you 266 hrs of entertainment, which is far less than this game has provided for many many people. All in how you look at it.

That said, I assume the people dropping $2k on a game have a lot of income, so relatively speaking it’s not a huge chunk of money. $2k of $10M is like $10 of $50k.

Barring any unforeseen updates that would make unhappy, I plan on playing this game til they close it down. So over time I could see eventually hitting that number. The only other game that has given me this many hours of play, was Destiny.

Shout out to the Devs of this game.

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Sometimes, nothing is better than a small reward… 4 glory keys is like one chocolate when you help one of your friend to move out.
Devs are just afraid that players consider this game as a P2W one. This VIP system is a sort of gift system but could provides real advantages.

Did someone know how much dollars for the rank 11? VIP10->200$ and VIP13->500$ so VIP11->300$?
If there is a 100$-increase for each rank, we will need: 3290$ :wink: