Tribute nerf and the transition to pay to play

A five kingdom tribute is now worth 4 gems?? I know your group as a company needs to make money, I also understand that you fully reserve the right to adjust in game economy to generate a balanced experience. However this reduction is extreme and incredibly disappointing. In my opinion the best component of the game which kept me engaged and playing was the f2p nature of your system. The gem generation require ample hours of work to generate and still made the game enjoyable even while money was tight (which for me has been the entire last year). While I was going to invest in leveling my VIP level after 1.0.8 went live to show my appreciation, I am now weighing quitting entirely.

I have gone from being more excited for this patch then I have been for any complete game in the last decade to being completely deflated. Now with the changes implemented I find myself looking at a game where I will fall further out of competition with lineups that will stagnate as new kingdoms release or balance changes are addressed and a massive effort of grinding that will not be eased by anything except a lot of cash.

I am not trying to be negative, just express my disappointment and frustration with was (up until 1.0.7) my favorite video game.


With all the extra kingdoms popping up and giving extra percentage chances of tributes. We had to rebalance the number of gems given out. We have however increased the numbers of keys given from tributes.

Please do read and give some thought to my views here:

Sad to hear your concerns. Give it a while and see how it plays…

Be in an active guild, and you can collect quite a lot of gems. And you can get gems in chests.

The daily gems option in the shop is a great idea. I find it cooler to get something little each day instead of all at once.

Essentially this. I’ve also noticed that acquiring gold is a lot easier now, so leveling kingdoms to then focus on guild tasks isn’t nearly as far as 1.0.7 put it.

Gems have been slightly reduced in tributes, big whoop! When I first started out I got almost all my gems from guild tasks, and even got more from battles than tributes.

Sure, when the tributes started rolling in and you saw those 10 gem pile up, it felt relieving to no longer depend on a slow guild to acquire them, but it sort of defeated the purpose of your guild then.

I’m not saying it’s a positive change, but having it exchanged for keys which will help further speed along the kingdoms seems like a fair enough trade to me.

Why isn’t this mentioned in the patch notes (tribute nerf)?

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Btw you don’t give more keys as 1 iron key in 1.0.7 represents 3 keys in 1.0.8.

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I did receive two keys instead of one for a two kingdom tribute. However, those keys were gold keys, which in total yield less than the single iron key we got before. Are all the keys gained from tributes now gold keys or do we get higher quality ones if more than two kingdoms pay tribute?

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Typical, replying to other topics and ignoring this one.

Still two questions open:

  • Why isn’t the nerve mentioned in the patch notes?
  • Why are you saying that you are giving out more keys while it is actually less?
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Actually we’re trying to fix some issues as a priority right now.
Small team, yada yada yada… if we sit and chat on the forums, then stuff takes longer to resolve… unfortunately we’re not 2000 people strong like Riot Games! :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ll get around to chatting about stuff eventually, but just quickly:

  1. The nerf isn’t mentioned in the patch notes because we forgot to put it in there. Simple as that, nothing shady, that would be silly, cause we know you guys spot everything. 100 things to add, and sometimes we miss something.

  2. We spreadsheeted the value of Gold Keys vs. Iron Keys, based on the distribution and value of all things they can drop and the chances of those things, and it seemed to me from the tables that the results NOW for the tribute keys are about the same or better. They’re also UNCAPPED, so as we add more kingdoms and higher tribute chances, you can get some bigger payouts.

Lol, try to fool someone else please. Missed one note and that happens to be the most negative one.

Question: are gems UNCAPPED aswell? Not that it matters much. It is still a HUGE reduction anyway.

Royalty, Royalty, Royalty…

  1. Gems are uncapped

  2. We put other negative stuff in the notes, we regularly notify everybody about weekly balance changes including nerfs. Given this, I’m not sure WHY it’s easier to believe that we’re liars instead of just some very busy people who accidentally left something out of a very long list of changes.

Anyway, closing this thread because I have answered your question, and I suspect that productive and civilized discussion has run its course.