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Why dont we have daily Tasks on Mobile/Android

I like that part of the PS4 and xbone…

Why don’t we have it?

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The console versions of Gems of War was originally handled by the team at Pipeworks, and they added the task system to the console versions.

That said, we would like to a bring a daily task system to the PC/ Mobile version in the future. But we don’t have an ETA at this time.

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I would love it if our fellow PC players could experience the exhilaration of: Win (15) Battles with a Construct team once or sometimes twice a week as well! (PS: no using Guild Guardians).

The grass is always greener on the other side :grinning:


That honestly doesn’t sound that bad at all.

Your choices are (choose three of): fortress gate, archon statue, flesh golem & golem. Reward is 6 gems. There were a lot more choices before they split mechs from constructs. Most of the dual-types improved the daily tasks except for this one. If they had just made it mechs instead of constructs, it would have been much better.

At the moment, that is the only task that is truly painful and I generally clear most or all of my tasks most days.


Is that sarcasm? I can’t tell.

For kicks EVERY single week do 15 (or 30) battles using a Construct team for 3+ months. We have also been informed whenever the Guild update arrives this task will NOT be adjusted, nor will any other Race Teams be added to relieve the misery by spacing them out. Hopeful in the next (next) update it may be, and hopefully before another addition 3+ months goes by.

You have no idea how bad it is. And don’t do ONE battle and go like “that want too bad”… do them until Spring or later next year, then come on back and post your experiences.

@Stan outlined the only 4 troops that are eligible for this monstrosity.

PS: to my console players this post has nothing to do with the value of 6 Gems offered as reward.

/rant over

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You still have the choice to not complete a specific task… whereas PC players can not complete any tasks at all. So I’d personally prefer a bad task once in a while over no tasks at all.

I was hoping to see those tasks added in the next update… any ETA on the announced ‘event’ update?


Sure BUT. If you don’t complete the Task you don’t get any new ones. So, either do the 15 Construct Wins or forever don’t ever do that task line ever again.

As I hinted at in my very first post, you have guys have NO concept how bad this one is. AND with no relief planned for a long time.

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I don’t think anyone is arguing about that, but it would be nice if the system could be expanded in a sensible fashion. As it is, certain kingdoms and troop types pop up very frequently while others aren’t in the selectable list. In certain cases, there is some rationale for the exclusions, but in others, there is none. I could go into a lot of detail here, but my example of keeping the old ‘construct’ task when two thirds of the formerly available troops were removed from that type was not helpful. If the guild update had arrived on schedule, we’d at least have a chance for a few more, but the unexpected delays have exacerbated the problem (and exasperated poor @Strat).

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“Ship’s cannon” is just one update away! It should be out sometime in November. Oh wait…

(P.S. This is not a slight against the developers. We know that the delays have been outside of your control and that you’re doing everything in your power to get the update approved by Sony and Microsoft.)

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I’m sure it must be very annoying to be stuck with such a task. My point is still valid though… not having any tasks in the game is basically the same as being stuck with that task forever, without a chance to ever complete it.

I play PC and I initially thought the same thing. Of course the automatic assumption would be that it actually MADE SENSE and was fun. Sounds like they got it working and that’s about it. Sounds like frustration and tedium redefined the way they actually implemented it… ouch!


Well, overall, they are ok. There rewards are still a little on the weak side but improved as of two updates ago. But the system really hasn’t been modified that much, a few minor tweaks. Apparently its going to be at least another update before Tasks really looked at again.

As you can tell (from the posts above) there is ONE major stinker, and a combination of things (planed and unplanned) causes it to come up WAY too many times.

I don’t think the construct is that terrible. You only need three constructs so you can easily do normal explores with another troop. I usually use Knight Coronet with the +2 blue +1 yellow banner.

I will admit that today I completed the other three tasks and left this one incomplete so far but I was able to do the other three all at the same time.

Interesting… so you love the 15 Constructs task soo much you saved it for another day. :grinning::grinning::grinning:

KC is not bad, tried it a few weeks ago, still a bit too slow for my playstyle. (just my perforce that’s all). I’m still looking for an Empowered Bombot with True Damage and Devour and I’ll be all set. :grinning:

I only had about 45 minutes to play. It was either complete 1 task or 3 that lined up with each other. I’ll either finish it later tonight or tomorrow. It would probably be best reduced to 8-10 wins like the other tasks

The thing is once you get the guild update guardians are constructs. We already have guardians on mobile so getting tasks with our current card base wouldn’t be bad at all.