What are "Daily Tasks"?

In an old thread on the XBox forum about farming for various things, this was posted:

“One additional thing to get extra Gems every day:
Do your 4 Daily Tasks in Explore mode while targeting Traitstones you need, or while finishing quest line, or finishing your Kingdom challenge modes for Souls.”

Are Daily Tasks a game feature? If so, where do I find them?

Thank you.

Console versions only atm

When you have the menu up, on the left hand side about pvp there are 4 tasks listed. If you hit the left tab (i think that’s what the button’s called) it will bring up more details about the tasks as well as rewards. They change every day, i have to do a hard reset to get mine to switch. Only console have them now.
Edit: just noticed this is a pc thread sorry

Little ‘jobs’ like win ten battles with 4 purple troops, or 15 battles with knights, or change your armour etc. You get a glory key, a gem key, a few gems etc. One of the best is win 75 battles. 30 gems for that one. They’re worth doing and can be quite varied.
Console only atm

also PS3? ____________________

Don’t you mean PS4?

To put it all in one post:

Daily tasks are a list of little things like “kill 10 red enemies” that reward a player when completed. They’re only available on console. It’s meant to alleviate some of the pain involved with “console gamers can’t check tribute every hour as easily as mobile players.”

Because players never like asymmetric rewards:

  • Console players complain the rewards aren’t comparable to tribute checks.
  • PC/Mobile players complain that console players get something they don’t.