Why do dead guilds get registered for Guild Wars?

Me and my beloved friends is in Bracket 200 or so, and all of us do love to reach Bracket 10 within a respectable amount of GW weeks or time period. Lately I have heard that dead Guilds gets automatically registered for Guild Wars, is this true, and why is it like that?



I joke, but I agree 100% with the question. The guild I joined a couple months ago had been climbing GW brackets for over a year before I joined and is only now experiencing the first increase in GW rewards. Well, not now, but in the next cycle when we jump from bracket 21 to 19. Since I joined, we’ve been scoring more than 10x the score of any other guild that we’ve seen and usually have enough points on Tuesday to win the bracket. And only about 2/3 of our players even bother to participate. We belong in bracket 2 or 3 on PS4 but it will take 4-5 months to get there.


Because people only care about issues when it effects them.
When GW first started everyone had to manually enroll in GW. A few months later, guilds were forgetting to register or claimed they did and weren’t able to partake. So they changed the code and it’s been automatic ever since.
It took us 8 months to go from a bottom bracket to Bracket 1. Now it would take 24 months. I 100% agree it needs to be changed. But there’s a lot about GW that needs to be changed as well that they have said for months it would be changed. And hasn’t…


Exactly. Dead guilds don’t complain when they get registered to do something and don’t. Live guilds raise hell when they try to register and it doesn’t work, or think they registered but didn’t, or meant to register but forgot (but they’re really good so they don’t deserve to be punished for something so trivial…).


Once i had to explain to others that trying to apply a mechanical solution to a problem involving people’s lack of attention, conscience or wits never works…

It was a problem of seccurity involving a heavy steel door that people would leave open often, which was just what some burglars needed to steal things from the building. They instaled a “spring-arm device” to close the door automatically, and i told them it wouldn’t work…

No surprise that people would still leave this door open using a brick or something else to block it… Oh, and the “spring-arm device” broke at least five times because people would lose their patience with it pushing the door and would force the mechanism more than it was needed, all out of frustration…


They should disable the automatic registration for just one cycle, if any guilds would manage to forget to register, it would be less of an inconvenience then the mass amounts of guilds that are held back because dead guilds. IMPROVE the game…


I know this is a real problem, but the interesting thing is this is another example of a forum special. Guilds were free floating before release based on… Performance. However, frequent posters had an enormous conniption so the developers tacked on this bracket system at the last minute.


It should be if you miss TWO registrations back to back that you just automatically get dropped to the last bracket.
That accounts for someone being sick or whatever.

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As to the decision to auto register all Guilds filled with players that haven’t logged in since 2015.

If a Guild scores x points in the previous GW they are Auto Registered. If not they have to do it manually.

x = 250,000 points (or whatever shows some mild level of activity)


This is not exactly how I remember it.

But this is exactly true.

That number is WAY too high. Guilds that we are “competing” against in bracket 21 will be lucky to put up 130,000 points in a week (and those are the 2nd to 4th ranking guilds in those brackets). I doubt there are more than 50-100 guilds doing more than 250,000 points on PS4.

I believe the reluctance to remove dead guilds could be based on the fact it would show the players just how many have quit the game.
Guilds with zero members or who have had no activity for more than 90 days should be removed but it will never happen


Wait, when did this happen? So sitting out GW for a week is no longer an option, you’re just automatically registered?
Are you sure the guilds are dead? Maybe the GL registered for it with the intention of participating, but it was two weeks ago and they just forgot to play.

I could imagine the opposite: For the devs it would be better to “dust these under the carpet” so people wouldn’t have these “ghost guilds” as a reminder that people abandoned the game. :thinking:

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I’ve never seen a dev confirm that guilds are automatically entered into Guild Wars. But, I would love to know if it is true.

  1. If it is, why bother with the pretense of having a registration?
  2. Also, if this is true, when are they going to address all the dead guilds hindering new, but very active guilds from moving up the brackets in a timely manner?
    @Saltypatra @Ozball @Cyrup

Do you really need dev confirmations after seeing dozens of screenshots of people posting “fights” against guilds that do NOTHING…

That’s beside the point. I’m interested in them answering the questions I posted.


If they fix this, you’ll just complain about Runic Blade so everything has to stay 100% the way it is.

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Somehow I missed these dozes of screenshots, lol. Yes, I would love some confirmation. Especially now that GW is only every three weeks. I’m sure there are guilds out there that are not regularly active. The guild could register for guild wars and forget they did it by the time GW week comes around. Or the one active member happens to not feel like playing that week.

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Look for guildwar threads. There are at least a couple long going climbs of over a year where high ranked players made a new guild but are still going against completely dead guilds every day. Or nearly every day.