Why are they called "extra turns" if things that trigger at start of turn... don't?

Enchanted: An Enchanted troop gains 2 mana at the start of its turn. This lasts until its spell is cast.

Go ahead and perform a 4 or 5 match or even better, use an ability that says you get an “Extra Turn.” Are you really getting an extra turn? No, you aren’t. You’re getting an extra move, because anything that triggers at the beginning of your “turn” doesn’t trigger again. None of your enchanted troops gain an extra 2 mana. All of your negative effects still linger on – they don’t cause extra damage or have extra chances to trigger, but they also don’t have extra chances to fall off.

“Extra Turn” is so ingrained into the game though that I don’t know how you would change it, even though it makes absolutely no sense. In any other game, when you get an extra turn, the game treats it as if you are starting your turn again from scratch, as if you have skipped the opponent’s turn. This is not the case in Gems of War. You aren’t “skipping” the opponent’s turn when you gain an extra turn, because you’re only gaining an extra move.



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Yeah, I’ve always hated the wording on this and also on destroy gems “as if they were matched.”

Destroy 4 same color no extra turn
No mana surge chance
No traits trigger like on color match or 4 matches