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Idea for a new bonus - gain "extra turn" after spellcasting

It’s like one-time bonuses - “Enrage”, “Barrier”, “Enchant”: a troop gains power to have extra turn after its spell has been cast, and then this ability is spent and therefore removed. For example, Amira deals her true damage - and if she has this “temporary extra turn”, she spends it and does not lose turn. Troops with permanent extra turn, like goblins or Skeleton, do not gain this bonus. And it is considered spent even if after casting 4 or 5 gems were created.

Sorry if it was offered earlier, I didn’t dig forums too deep.


Interesting, especially after you pre empted two sorta over powers. Goblin speed lol

I think it could be fun. Also, if your enemy has a troop that can dispel, it would also dispel this temporary extra turn, so you really have to be smart about using it.

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Yes that would be another great use of dispel, and the extra turn buff would add some more tactics and require more thinking.

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Do not need yet another way for the Ai to loop you to death like the goblins. Not a fan of any automatic extra turns troops. The extra turn is the only thing that makes them viable as a decent defense. Personally I want all automatic extra turns removed other than 4 and 5 gem matches.

Yeah i’d rather not have that, 'cause we all know once a status effect is in the game, positive or negative, sooner or later(probably sooner) it’ll find its way onto a 4-match trait and then everything is just auto extra turn, so no thank you.