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Extra turn hell

It is soooooooo tiring when you are planning your turns according to that extra turn you are SUPPOSED to get. And , WHAM! You get slapped in the face and “no extra turn for you” (soup nazi voice). Those extra turns are lacking in Raids so badly today. Please please please fix this. It is super frustrating and annoying.

Guessing first move? Yeah, it’s annoying when you match a four or five and the game decides to say “Nah, let’s let the Goblin Team move now even though you got it. Let’s give them 50 health over 10 extra turns you should have gotten and let them completely slaughter you”

It’s so annoying. Someone did say it might be because you are moving before all traits are done but I can’t be sure. Also, it’s Raid this week.

No. It’s not the first turn. There was no rhyme or reason to when it did it. All of my traits are done. And sometimes the match-4 became a mana surge with no extra turn.

Hmm… were any of your troops frozen by chance? If so, even if you make a match of four or more, you won’t get the extra turn if it matches the color of the troop frozen which is where the problem might be coming from if it isn’t from the first turn.

I’ve had it happen several times with gem transformation troops in the middle of the battle with no debuffs on my troops.

No. None were frozen. No buffs were active for either side. Which is why it is even more frustrating.