New Strategic support buff [Suggestion]

Hey everyone.

I was thinking around and thought of an ability. Similar to other buffs like Enchantment or Enraged - that ends on cast.

But this one - would

Give an ally extra turn if casting an ability.
This wouldn’t stack with abilities already giving bonus turns like Queen Mab or goblins.

It would promote dispel, and would be countered by Frozen. Drain indirectly counters it, too, so it wouldn’t end up being too powerful.
Furthermore, PvP farming wouldn’t be touched by it - AI is bad at extra turn management - and this would mostly provide strategical team combinations for Invade.


call it “Haste”

and it would need some restrictions, here are some ideas:

A: Get an extra turn after i cast a spell or deal skull damage. Autocleanse when spell casted or skull damage dealt.

B: Get an extra turn if i cast a spell. Autocleanse 10% cumulative on turn start and spell casts.

C: Get an extra turn after i cast a spell or deal skull damage. Autocleanse 10% cumulative on turn start, spell casts, skull damage dealt, and damage received.

D: Get an extra turn after i cast a spell or deal skull damage. Autocleanse when the enemy turn starts.

personally i like A or C
but the whole idea of this kind of buff is tricky, it shouldnt ever have a decent buffing trait or spell along with it, if its applied too effectively the game would go out of control

So you propose a unique cleanse for positive buff? That might not be a bad idea, actually.

I also wanted to give casters another benefit - since Attack troops got Enrage. I also felt that 4x skulls would just waste the buff completely. That’s why I didn’t include it for skulls.

… And naturally, I’m aware of the “out of control” nature. Things can get crazy pretty quickly. However…
In a sense - if you put the effect on ability only - you’d have to give up a turn (like current Enchantress or Unicorn) - to get a strategic use of “Extra turn”.
If community was able to get used to Justice Teams - I can’t see how this mechanic would get out of control.

i dont think community is “used” to justice loop,

just look at the console threads,

the pc is slowly getting there :wink: and when we get console ai i am expecting nearly same level of unhappiness about it xD

i already see how loopers on PC work much better now since we got surges on 4matches (didnt have them before) and im not liking it - i wish it was “nipped in the bud”, but i guess pc/mobile community needs to “wait and see” to realise it

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All valid points.

But this suggestion isn’t anywhere near Justice’s “endless” buffing.
… It is more of a different approach to Elven Bard / Unicorn. And we both know how powerful both of those are. No one is willing to waste a turn for their benefits.
If, the turn they have to sacrifice is only pushed onto another troop - that would sound balanced to me.

I doubt AI will be able to work with it, not to mention it can still be adjusted with your ideas (e.g. auto-cleanse).

I like the idea, even though I dont think I’d be using it much, cause the game isnt as strategic anymore with all the instakill mechanics. Also, they just buffed the trolls and explicitly stated that they considered their spells to be some kind of risk/reward spell, yet with that new extra turn buff, the risk part would be completely avoided. So I dont think this is ever going to be added.

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Well …
… It’s not like I ever even hoped it would get implemented. Ever.

I’m a realist.
But I thought, why not sharing my ideas.

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Maybe if @Jainus is ever able to convince the devs to reopen Design-A-Troop, you can submit this idea there.

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Seeing as the idea didn’t get much of a positive feedback, I’d most certainly pass.

I think that thread got closed mostly because of terms of ownership or something like that (??). They realized that taking ideas from thread like those might be in violation with standards.

Yes, that’s the reason they gave at the time. That said, it’s all solvable given enough dedication and interest by all parties.