I want a no extra turn mode

I want a no extra turn mode. Maybe fun, maybe not, but it would be different. I’d like to see how it plays out.

No extra turn for a 4 match, troop or weapon power, or anything else!. One turn and one turn only.


I’ve been behind this for a long time. I think it’d be really interesting to see a mode where you’re forced to face an opponent’s reaction to your every move.

Thematically, an “Ice Age” mode might work. All troops frozen all the time, even ones who are immune via whatever trait. Not sure I would play it personally unless there were a sweet bonus attached—but obviously there is a group of people who hate goblins and want a mode where they are hamstrung.


But then it has to be made a permanent extra turn mode as well, where even match 3’s give extra turns, just to be fair…

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Your complaint about fairmess makes me think of the analogy where everyone at a table is supposed to get a scoop of ice cream, but a waiter accidentally gives one lady’s scoop to a guy who now has two scoops. The lady calls on the waiter and points out what happens, and the waiter apologizes and gives her the scoop she is owed.

Then the man with two scoops screams, “WHY DOES SHE GET AN EXTRA SCOOP?”

This would be very interesting.

For one week in the middle of winter (per hemisphere), perhaps. Interesting idea.