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Why call it extra turn when it is only extra move?

Right now when you match 4 or 5 gems as well as when using some spells you get a so called extra turn but I found that this name is misleading because there are many traits and ailments that happen at start of the turn (eg: poison, death aspect…) that do not trigger on this kind of extra turns
I was wondering why is that and if it should be changed or not
Any opinions?


I struggle to understand what is misleading with the words “extra turn”. It is pretty straight forward what gives an extra turn or not.


I find it misleading because there are several effects that should happen when it triggers but do not, not because I expect something different to happen aside from that

What would you call it instead?

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Ah, think I get you now. You want traits that counts only once per turn to count for each extra move(turn) as well?

But its still not misleading calling it extra turn. Traits also works as intended. I see no problem here, really. Perhaps its a suggestion about what I started this message out with?

No, OP is right, it is misleading.

For instance, you have a chance to clear Death Mark on every turn… well every time you match 4/5 tiles it gives you an extra turn therefore since its another turn you should get an additional chance to clear Death Mark… But you do not as its not a true extra turn, just another move.


Yup. It’s just another inconsistency in terms that vets just get used to. Not the end of the world, and it’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to imprecision and inconsistency with the language used in game.


True, but where as most text is easy to fix, this one has its own sound effect and pop up graphic. It would cost a lot of money to get the announcer to re-record it to “still your turn, make another move”.


Yes, don’t mistake this for a call to action on my part.

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Years ago i mentioned this as a bad description that would be surely misleading in translations for the game. To change it would be very simple:

Use the term “Round” to every description and effect regarding the start of a new turn (such as traits triggers, stats effects) and leave the extra turn as it is. This way people could understand that a Round contains at least one Turn and all possible Extra Turns you can obtain due matches or spells.

Or just use Extra Move instead of Extra Turn and change every description to be in accordance with this change.


Yeah I don’t think this is a thing to ridicule a person for bringing up. Games that have complex rules should be explicit about what they mean.

“An extra move” makes more sense than “an extra turn”, because we have triggers like “at the start of a turn” or “at the end of a turn”. But in reality a “turn” is really divided into phases like this:

  1. Start of turn.
  2. Waiting for move.
  3. Move resolution.
  4. End of turn.

When you get an “extra turn”, what is really happening is that “move resolution” sends you back to “waiting for move”. “Start of turn” things trigger at (1), and “end of turn” things trigger at (4). But nothing really triggers at (2) or (3), and this is where you stay while you are taking “extra turns”.

I really don’t see them changing this even though it would clarify how things work. The argument is going to be, “It’s not just localization cost, we had to localize art assets too”.


It would be an interesting change (maybe in certain game modes) if burn, poison, death mark, etc did trigger every player extra move also.

A Bleeding or Hemorrhage status could be created to work like that. Give it to some more barbaric/scoundrel/feral troops and make some fine adjustments to some undead/vampires as well (Ghulvania’s faction could be an ancient group of vampires called the Crimson Cult for example.) to allow them exploit/benefit from it and we have a whole new set of interesting teams.

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