Who moderates the global chat?


I set Global Chat to a high numbered channel which nobody uses.

It still lets me stay logged in to Guild Chat, but I avoid all the dross.


Nothing I said was inaccurate though. Just because the snowflake generation is looking to absolve themselves of all personal responsibility and want to blame others for raising their children poorly. Perhaps you should learn how to use said technology before allowing someone you fear so much for. Or better yet go outside and enjoy the outdoors with them.


you not helping yourself, everyone know you don’t act in public the same you act with your friends. You need to be respectfull with everyone even if it’s only joke


I swear to Anu I have never met a person who used “snowflake” as an insult I didn’t want to throttle. It’s always the kind of person who spends 8+ hours a day whining that an entire video game doesn’t personally cater to their every whim.


“Church” talk… “Work” talk… And “friend” talk…
Depending on the person there’s the 4th talk…
“Keyboard warrior” talk.


So i have brought my children up poorly?..Did i mention that my son is a craniofacial surgeon who has earned the respect of all his friends and colleagues,something you should aspire to do.My granddaughter was on the chat for all of 3 seconds or so then turned it off.She knew the language being used was inappropriate,that is why she turned it off straight away.The rest of what you say,describes the type of person you really are,bigoted.


@As2770 unfortunately forums will have those who troll. They clearly have nothing better to do other than insult others or make pathetic comments. If only there was a block function on here.

@Icarium81 it might be worth reading the community guidelines before posting again. All you do is bash the devs as well as other members, it is not big or clever and I am sure a lot of people are sick of it. If you have nothing helpful or constructive to say then best not to post at all :+1:


@Icarium81 We are given the privilege to come together and to share our minds, its not a right. Nor is it entirely reasonable for you to say ‘nothing I said was inaccurate’ then tumble into the next sentence with ‘snowflake generation’. So either everyone agrees and does things as you consider right in parenting or they are snowflakes. Interesting logic I’ll say. FYI from what I can tell there was no statement to absolve a parent of all duties, moreover just a thread on global chat, and various thoughts on what was being said. No need to make a mountain out of a mole hill. Lets keep it a mole hill shall we?


This is the best suggestion. As was mentioned in an earlier post, the chat channel stays set between sessions, so if you set it to an empty channel she’ll never see a thing.

That said, by the time I was 13 I had heard plenty of bad language but I knew better than to use it (around my family, at least…). If your granddaughter is sharp enough to turn off chat on her own as you indicated, I don’t see the cause for worry. She already know what’s good and what’s bad, which means she has been raised well :slight_smile:

The knobs on the Internet aren’t going to stop swearing or talking about subjects you consider inappropriate and punishing your granddaughter isn’t the solution either, in my opinion. Just swap the chat channel and let her enjoy the game in a chat-free environment, and give her a hug and a kudos for recognizing and avoiding inappropriate behavior :heart:


Hi @As2770! I am a part of the Gems of War team. Thanks for writing about your concern.

I am really sorry that this is that the first glimpse of the community that you have is a negative one. The Gems of War community is a very passionate and closely knit one, and we are proud of the some of the relationships and guilds that have fostered themselves and which help each other play the game and look out for each other as friends.

In saying that, this is a global online community so due to the nature of this communication we are open to negative and abusive language. We have staff who regularly come online but we are a small team and we are based in Australia - so, at the time of posting this, it was 3 am. Unfortunately we can’t moderate as often as we would like to, however, we do not tolerate sexual, abusive, or inappropriate language as outlined in the community guidelines. Additionally we have been cracking down on this in all platforms and have seen improvements to the chat and we are grateful for the work that our community does in helping us identify players who have intolerable behaviour.

The game development team has pointed out to me that you can adjust your Xbox’s Parental Settings so that your granddaughter cannot see these messages. Additionally we have this function available in our own in-game chat, or you can change channels in the chat to something that might be more pleasant. For more information:

Microsoft: Change your child’s Xbox privacy and online safety settings
Join, close and use chat in Gems of War

If you would like to send me a private message I can help you with setting this up. The microsoft article is particularly detailed but it will direct you to the location in Settings where you can find out what to adjust.


The game does this, and additionally we also go to the point of blocking chat through Xbox but still enabling blocked from parental control players to speak to the Xbox Live friends if they have them through the game if they are blocked.


As a quick follow up, if you see inappropriate behaviour in chat and want to report it please make sure to take screenshots. We use this evidence when deciding on ban lengths and the severity of the offense. We can’t do much with reports that don’t have proof of bad behaviour, swearing, harassment, etc. We make sure to investigate every report sent our way.


And you can send those to technical support with “Player report” selected:

Or pm @Kafka @Saltypatra or me :slight_smile:


This is cool to know, the Switch is the only console I’ve got out of this generation and I didn’t expect XBox to actually have these features. Blocking chat via parental controls was a thoughtful choice and I appreciate that you did it even though that’s not a feature I’ll ever personally use.


Channel one is the default english chat channel, and it’s obnoxious. If you change to channel five or just about any other number, no one is on it and it’s quiet.


We have discussed as a family,that she will no longer play this game and the xbox machine will be given to charity…We are all avid bookworms and that is what she will continue to do…We bought the machine recently to give her a greater variety of things to do when she was at our house but we made an error in judgement.Thank you for you reply…Ps,please deactivate this account,as it will not be used again.

  1. Look into Minecraft (digital Legos).
  2. The parental control options detailed above are excellent tools.
  3. BtW there will always be inappropriate material present, everywhere… even books. Unless exerting ‘parental controls’ on book selection.


Hi As2770,

I’m really sorry to hear that. Best of luck. (I too enjoy books but also games… :smirk:)


I have been playing for quite some time now and remember when the chat was introduced.
Every time someone got a mythic or ascended to mythic it appeared on screen.
I immediately changed channel and have just been chatting with guildies lately.
Even on ps4, global can get really nasty sometimes.


It is such a shame that you have had to do this because a small minority of fools…Icarium81’s post about the snowflake generation is abhorrent and has no place on any post.The majority of this community is kind and helpful but we all need to be reporting these disgraceful people and get rid of them…All the best :slightly_smiling_face:


Icarium81 needs to be banned for a thousand years. All of the post I’ve seen from him are either rude to the devs or the players and quite often contains swearing.