Active chat moderators

im sure it has been suggested before but a game this big with such an active community of chat should really have some active moderators, its summertime and the kids got nothing better to do than spam global with offensive nonsense and this goes on for hours making it intolerable. please consider this request because yea, the current state of things where ten or more people can report someone for unrelenting offensive spamming in global and hours later its still going on is just annoying to say the least. i get that it is the weekend, maybe putting an auto mute code into the chat might help for times when someone is triggering censors like 100 times in 5 minutes maybe? idk but things will only get worse if the issue is not addressed it would seem.


I was feeling this, too, yesterday.

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Burns countless hours of time on making the chat system better.

Does comparatively little about the main reason nobody wants to use chat.



Agreed. Chat was given a much needed MOT and was running just fine until…the Honour fiasco. Apart from pesky school dodgers, there are countless fake honour spammers and their numerous ALTs trading all day every day and making recruitment, helping new players and general dialogue impossible. Look at how many recruitment posts are now in the threads of this forum. Global is a no go for me now; I got tired of blocking spammers in the futile hope of actually having a conversation. My now redundant block list is colossal. Hats off to the devs for fixing chat; boo hiss for then destroying it.


I’ve argued this for a while. Every troll knows starting Thursday evening through about Sunday afternoon (US) the devs are home, which means chat’s only mods are away.

But I’m pretty sure the chat system doesn’t support moderators. You’re either a dev or a player, and they don’t have a way to separate the two.

It’s one of those things where it’s weird because they just spent a whole update devoted to chat, but didn’t implement the most obvious feature. My guess? Their laundry list of chat features came directly from some industry magazine a 505 manager read about “chat features to increase engagement”.

“Having moderators” doesn’t make the list because it’s not sexy, and the people writing the articles thought any sensible person would expect it.