Global chat and you

Let me start this by saying this topic has everything to do with what happened this week. It made me really start to think about the culture of global chat. I do not want to discuss my personal incident. Due to me being advised that the matter is private and not public.
Yet, I’ve heard an interesting amount of feedback from my recent experience. And to summarize it quickly. It was my fault for even being in global chat. So I want to hear the communities thoughts. Not about me or the incident this week cause that will just get this thread locked.
But instead… Your honest thoughts about global chat.

Bugs aside.

  • Do you use global chat?
    And if you don’t. Why not?
  • Do you feel like global chat is a safe place to ask questions or share thoughts?
  • Would you like there to be more oversight of global by the devs?
  • Should bans for offenses be on a case by case punishment scale?
    Or treated by the same standards written out in the community Guidelines. Judged solely on prior behavior.

Please follow the community guidelines when commenting on this thread. I believe this would be valuable feedback for the devs to receive that will do nothing to help things if this thread results in an insta-lock.


Because that kind of immature nonsense happens all the goddamn time in any global chat in any game no matter how many moderators or staffers frequent it.
Not really.
Yes even though I’m not ever going there.
Not sure. One or both.

In that order.

  • Do you use global chat?

Not really, too buggy, and generally discord is better

*Do you feel like global chat is a safe place to ask questions or share thoughts?

any questions that asked do generally get answered, although it’s not exactly pg13 most of the time.

*Would you like there to be more oversight of global by the devs?


*Should bans for offenses be on a case by case punishment scale?
Or treated by the same standards written out in the community Guidelines. Judged solely on prior behavior.
mixture. repeat offenders (that do the same thing over and over again) should have scaled punishments.

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Yes but had to move to Global 002. A lot of people were using it as

  1. Another form of tinder
  2. A way to give new players a load of stick when they asked a question
  3. Keyboard warriors/ trolls (or whatever you want to call them)
    And the most recent thing I saw was people exchanging discord accounts so they can send nudes to each other!!!
    This was global 001!! Hence why I swapped but they are starting to spill over to other channels now so I only go on it when recruiting which is a shame really as I used to love chatting to some of the people on the game but now you can’t really get much asked or said due to the overflow of **** (swearing on the site). A lot of my friends have said that certain people have been reported numerous amount of times but it looks like some people are being favoured over others. And before anyone is quick to comment this has been the case for the last 6 months now, even when I was in my previous guild.:unamused:
    As for there being more oversight I don’t see it happening due to certain players being more in favour with certain DEvs

I read global occasionally just for the laugh, as it is extremely toxic and full of trolls and bullies. I do try and help answer new players queries when I see them. My guild gets trolled a lot so I normally go on just to look out for such comments and defend my guild firmly, but very politely and never rude, when I see such comments. Global is certainly not for the feint hearted!


Not at all, Ryan.

In a bar fight it doesn’t matter who threw the first punch, if a cop sees two people fighting, they are both going to see his backseat…

In this case, or any case, if in global and someone is calling you names or being overtly antagonistic, take a screenshot and report them. Don’t then engage at their level, and start name calling, or cursing, or being otherwise disruptive. It only makes you look bad, especially if they are low level and you are high level… because big people picking on little people always looks bad…

Being a member of your guild you have threatened to lock threads on our discord server, you have booted people from the server because you thought, or felt, they were being disruptive. You frequently delete posts I write, and claim you did it to preserve the peace… You just recently threatened to lock a thread after I and a member were having a bit of a disagreement, because you were upset that my love of the game was causing other people to want to quit the game outright…

You play God on your discord server. You don’t feel a need to be nice, because there you are the boss… What upsets me is that when the devs do the same thing you do to me and others, To You, you are up in arms… It’s the hypocrisy I see in the “How dare anyone silence me, or tell me what I am saying is wrong”, attitude I find absolutely annoying.

Don’t engage in back and forth slurs with people in global. Use the block feature, that way you don’t even have to hear what they are saying. That’s my advice to anyone engaging in global discussions.

Personally I find global very good to new people and their questions. I think there are a lot of great and helpful people in global chat. It’s usually later in the day when things don’t always look as nice.


Yes I use Global Chat. It is a very good place to have questions answered.

As for sharing thoughts, it can be a minefield which is the case with any open social platform so be aware that you are opening a door to an unpredictable audience of varying maturity levels.

Overseeing global chat is only as effective as those who are deciding the severity/consequences of a bannable offense and how diligently they are deciding it. If we trust that these decisions are always made free of prejudice, partiality and emotion, then more global monitoring would help.

Since the standards include a caveat stating that an offense could warrant an accelerated course of action, then it seems obvious that all should be carefully reviewed on a case-by-case basis, possibly including the other side of the spectrum where a warning instead of a ban for a first time offense could be considered.


Yes, I occasionally use global chat, but it is mostly for recruiting. Otherwise, one should proceed with caution. Global chat 001 is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your going to get. Some days it’s all about the game and helping the newbies. Most days, it is about nonsensical drama and people with attitudes. And, of course the trolls.

Global should be a safe place to ask questions without getting your thoughts bashed in for asking questions. But that is in a perfect world. We are not in that place.

Of course there should be a higher presence by the devs in global. However, who has time for that?

Bans should be treated as bans, across the board. Otherwise, why have them to begin with? There “should not be” favoritism played in the banning process, but again, that would be in a perfect world.


In this, I add that the whole history of each part should be considered. If we are not talking about a first case, I think that a permanent ban should be taken in consideration.


I go to global sometimes to read but I never post. I also come here to read but have never even made an account until today for this one post. I probably won’t ever post again either. Why? Because of the toxic behaviour I always see in both places. Overall I feel this is a very toxic community. There are bullies and trolls who seem to be allowed to do as they please. I can understand why you felt that your comment that got you in trouble was pg13 because compared to many things I have seen you say to people in global it was. You are among the worst bullies I have seen in global and only now that you have been banned do you make a thread trying to improve everyone’s experience there. I’m sure that you will have some colourful remarks to me in response to this but do yourself a favour and keep them to yourself since I won’t be around to read them anyway. Cheers


I’m so sorry you feel that way.

Thank you for posting, it’s sad though to know you’ve only encountered mean, grumpy people.

I’ve had a very different experience. There are a few bad apples, but you can usually sense them by the way they talk… If they put the game down constantly, and pick on the devs for every little thing, I wouldn’t count on them being too kind to anyone else.


To be fair, I think the forums on this website are a complete opposite to global chat. The majority of posts on these forums are well mannered and meaningful debates, as opposed to global chat which mostly just ends up a mud slinging competition.

Glad you made your first comment Bloctrap, I hope to see more from you in the future :grinning:, happy gemming!!!


I rarely read global and even more rarely post. I don’t have the time and it is too toxic.
And also too buggy.
The forum or Discord are much better places to ask questions or share thoughts because the atmosphere is completely different.
The devs should deal fairly with the offenses. I have the feeling that the players are not all traited the same way.

  • Do you use global chat?


  • Do you feel like global chat is a safe place to ask questions or share thoughts?

Sometimes. I have helped others and seen others help too. On the flip side there are a number of trolls and others that look to air their arguments publicly. It’s hit and miss what you get in global chat and that’s why most of the time it’s best to avoid it.

  • Would you like there to be more oversight of global by the devs?

Most certainly on console and PS4 which is the platform I play on.

  • Should bans for offenses be on a case by case punishment scale? Or treated by the same standards written out in the community Guidelines. Judged solely on prior behavior.

There needs to be a set outline somewhere to what constitutes breaking the rules or not, whether this is the same guidelines of the forum or not. Maybe an in game link on the help page that goes to these rules? Anything that requires attention should be scrutinised and dealt with fairly according to those set perimeters.


You made an account for the sole purpose of lashing out at me and the community.
And you feel like we’re the toxic ones… Interesting.
Though I’m no saint. I explicitly asked that my incident not be discussed here. If you can’t respect such a simple request here. I have to wonder how much respect you give towards the community outside of here. Are you sure this account wasn’t made on the forums in fear of any back lash to your main account? If yes. How much value should we put in your words since they were made in a cowardly way? I can’t speak for others. But your thoughts lost all value when you quickly explained your malicious intent by creating this account today.

Spot on @Zeddicus2017. :ok_hand:

I never go to the Global Chat. Oh well, when I help recruiting I do, but that is it.
I rather spend the time I have in our guilds Discord channel where my friends is
that is crazy active, as well as drama free and positive people.

  • Do you use global chat?
    I don’t use it any longer. When I first started playing the game, I used it. However, I found that it wasn’t an environment that I liked. Most of the time, it is a toxic environment. On one hand, you have the standard juvenile, foul-mouthed trolls that you’ll find in any internet environment that lacks proper moderation. On the other hand, you have a few regulars that aren’t considered trolls by the staff, yet they are the worst offenders. They don’t troll in a traditional way. They skirt the line of the rules and make chat poisonous with their condescending, elitist and smug attitude towards people that aren’t in their clique. I’ve even seen them successfully goad people they didn’t like into arguments on purpose to get them banned. It’s all just so pathetic and pitiful. Yet, that particular group of people rarely ever get a ban.

  • Do you feel like global chat is a safe place to ask questions or share thoughts?
    A safe place? No. Yes, I have witnessed times where new players had a question answered nicely. However, I’ve also seen new players ridiculed for asking questions. Then, others piled on and laughed about it. It surely isn’t a safe place to share dissenting thoughts if you aren’t part of the clique.

  • Would you like there to be more oversight of global by the devs?
    They need more moderation if they still want to claim global chat is safe for child players.

  • Should bans for offenses be on a case by case punishment scale?
    I think they should be harsher with bans. Why are repeat offenders allowed to keep coming back to chat or the forum? The first ban should be the wake up call. Act like an adult or GTFO. If they repeat the bannable behavior, they should be banned for good.


Supposedly a player was banned for using that acronym. I myself use fk instead of the F word. Not sure if it’s allowed or not. It’s possible that it’s still considered foul language even if you don’t actually use foul language. I think abusive language is like holding in football. A ref could call it on every play. The devs would have to ban most of global for using words that imply swear words. Instead, they choose to just ban folks when abusive language is used in an argument? It’s probably best not to speculate. Still clearer rules would do one no harm. Unless they can’t define what they mean by “abusive language”… They just “know it when they see it”.

Yet here we are.

Exactly my point mate. I give my opinion and you attack. I have never interacted with the community before today and you can call me malicious all you like but that doesn’t change the fact that it is ironic that one of the biggest bullies gets caught and banned and now makes a thread meant to improve global experience. Your ban is a big step toward improving global and should be the first step, not the last.