In game PM system

Line and discord have a massive GoW following because there is no PM in place in game. . . Please?

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I’d rather the devs spend time on features that don’t have reliable, widely-used alternatives. Honestly I don’t understand why they bother maintaining chat. They have to pay for servers (that don’t work well), maintain a bunch of code, pay for support (that isn’t viewed as fast enough), and take time out of development to perform moderation duties.

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Without chat, I think most new players would quit. The only thing Global is good for is new players asking questions and getting pulled into guilds. I realize most veterans use it for complaining and inappropriate sex/drug talk, but it really does have value!

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You really think that chat has no value @Slypenslyde? I know that recruiting on the forums is a difficult thing to do, and with the world wide time difference in the game it would be nice to PM someone for recruitment purposes. No one knows I’m available unless I say something in chat, and vise versa. And it would be great to have players in my guild even if we don’t always play at the same time.

I will stop somewhere short of “no value” but not very far.

Today’s topic in Discord has mostly been Divine teams, and teams that can beat them. There was a brief interruption when someone showed up to advertise some other game and got themselves banned. We’re also curious if a tie for 1st on the Bounty leaderboards means 2 people get orbs of power. I can go all the way back to yesterday and further if I want: often a lot of people say neat things when I’m gone.

I can only see the 5 minutes of global I witnessed. One person posted, in blue text so dark you couldn’t read it easily, that they were a dork but knew aikido so “no one messes with me”. Another person added “MUTHA!!!”. That warranted a “hello” from someone. Then someone asked the dork to repeat themselves. They did. Then 2 people said they’d be back later.

It was gripping, but I think I can do without. Maybe I logged on just after a long, exciting discussion about meta teams. I can’t tell, because it has no history.

Or maybe global is the last place anyone has serious and useful game discussions, and part of the reason we’re seeing a new wave of the same Delve suggestions from 1-post users is “people who hang out exclusively in Global are about 2 weeks behind the curve and should be on the forums instead.”

I don’t suppose I can convince you to start a thread called Global Wisdom and just keep posting Global snippets?

PS. I also know aikido…maybe.

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Or maybe most of us gave up trying to use chat because it’s broken & unreliable so we moved to discord/line to carry on our worthy discussions.

I agree global gets some pretty worthless “discussions” but I’ve seen similar or worse on discord & social media. And if the chat/messenging system wasn’t frustratingly unreliable more people would use it more constructively. It would be much easier to use an in-game chat that worked than have to juggle between multiple apps to play & hold a conversation simultaneously.

Your complaint that conversations in-game is the reason chat shouldn’t be fixed/maintained, but the opposite is true. If in-game chat were fixed conversations would become more meaningful/useful.


Well, I guess my real complaint is mobile/console can’t as easily use global chat while playing. (Or I’m assuming it’s tough on console). I can keep up with chat in Discord no matter what I’m doing/playing. I type in between moves, during games, while the game is frozen, etc.

Global chat is awkward. I have to swap to a different window from whatever I’m doing in the game, then if I want to type I have to summon a keyboard that covers the chat screen, etc. The devs could implement chat to be just as good as Discord and I’d still rather play Discord, because it’s a thing I can check when I’m not able to play the game.

That said I did end up deleting a 2nd round of “let’s compare Discord and global”. People shoot the bull and have fun in global and it’s easy to find a moment when they do. It comes off like me making fun of them having fun and that’s not cool.