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Who moderates the global chat?

I watched my 13 year old granddaughter playing gems of war and the language used on the global chat is atrocious…This game is therefore not suited to anyone under 16 years of age…If there is a moderator,then they are doing their job very poorly indeed…This was the xbox version of the game.Needless to say,she will no longer be allowed to play it.

Kafka is here sometime and she do cleanup very often

But first ban is only 24h i think so the troll are back very quick

If you send in a ticket they might be able to deactivate the global chat permanently for your granddaughter. So she can still play the game.


Sadly there is morons on all platforms when it comes to global ingame chat that has to spread shit, and destroy for others.

Just set it to a random channel by default and never look back, that’s what I did. Global chat is an unhealthy place.


Generally speaking, the chats are unmoderated. Occasionally, a dev will be online and can clean things up temporarily, but it is quite rare.

My wife and I change the chat channel to an unused one (like Global 004) so that our main map screen isn’t constantly being bombarded with nonsense (or worse).

If you see anything that is against community guidelines, you can take screenshots and send them to Saltypatra or Cyrup and they can and will ban the offender.


Stan at this point just stck with guild chat and you won’t see global msg when you in world map :slight_smile:

But you have to switch to guild chat every time you log in. If you change the global channel, that sticks from session to session.


The messages were of a sexual nature(not directed at her).These and the constant swearing etc,are a disgrace.I can no longer let her play…A note to the people who run this game,PLEASE STOP THIS


You can block people, but that just makes everyone have to moderate their own, and not stopping the people posting the stuff.
I’m sure there are a few people that could be trusted that would volunteer to do it


I agree. There is no need for that. The most frustrating thing is that many of the people that contribute to that don’t even seem to play the game - they just spend all day spamming chat. I don’t understand it. The chat interface is terrible - there have to be better places for people who don’t even care about the game to hang out and do what they do.


For children I highly suggest they disconnect from global chat.
No child should ever be in any sort of public chat room without direct adult supervision.
(Uses interact means adult language could possibly be used).


You might want to check xbox parental controls, because if your 13 yr grand daughter is on open chat they aren’t set up right.

“Online interactions not rated” so either be a parent or deal with it


I bought the xbox so she could play at my house when she comes…I know very little indeed about technology as it is something i do not use personally(except for my ipad) so i have no idea what these controls you speak of are.My granddaughter set it up originally.

You are one arrogant young person who has a lot to learn about real life…Say something constructive or say nothing at all.


As far as I can tell, only devs are the moderators, so outside of Aussie hours chat is susceptible to becoming a cesspool until they wake up. While this is bad, I don’t think there is a way Gems of War can protect your daughter from offensive content. Many games are in this boat, and it’s why many games simply don’t implement chat.

There is no way to reliably and permanently ban a person because there are many easy, legal, and often free ways to manipulate one’s IP. About all that works is having 24/7 moderation that reacts quickly so it’s well-known it’s not fun to throw yourself against them. (I don’t think we will ever/quickly get a large-scale moderation staff. I get the feeling the only moderators are devs, and players can’t be “promoted” to moderators without also giving them dev powers.)

In addition to that, moderators can only react. So even if we had moderators, people have to say nasty things in order to be punished for it. That means even if the people are banned, and the moderators manage to delete things quickly, your daughter is still going to see the mess as it happens live.

This is why many games that do have chat have a warning, “Player experience can change with online interaction.” It’s a cop-out acknowledgement that people can be jerks online and while the rating of the game in general may be all-ages, Bad Things can be found occasionally in the parts where moderators have to react to it.

It would be kind of nice if GoW interacted with parental controls and let you block your daughter from global chat. Nintendo Switch has this kind of feature, I’m sure XBox has it, right? As far as I can tell, Gems of War doesn’t interact with any kind of parental controls on any platform, and some platforms don’t even have the concept.

The best substitute is liking the same games as your kid and playing them together. Me and dad played the heck out of NES games when I was a kid, and I was kind of sad when as I grew up he had less time to spend on them.

So in short:

Gaming in general does a bad job of handling this and educating parents. Outside of the Switch I’m not sure if many consoles have a concept of “let parents help control how their children can interact with the game”. Even with rabid moderation, kids are going to see some nasty stuff. So any game with front-and-center chat and no parental controls should be a major red flag.


Thank you for your informative reply sir…Icarium81,take note on how to write a constructive response.,or get yourself back into school to learn how to do so.


The number of posts I’ve seen Icarium react on an unconstructive manner is astounding…


Best post of the year.


007 is my go to if I’m not recruiting. Even then I really don’t bother with global because no one cares and spams out your post.