Who is It is recruiting!


Come and join a guild that has no requirements except that you play the game and contribute where you can. Who is It is currently in the 320’s in the rankings and climbing steadily - when I started the guild it was at 1708th place. Only other standard is that if you don’t play for 30 days straight you will be removed from the guild. Come and share in our bonuses and make your gaming a little easier.

Post your invite code if you are interested in joining the guild. Daily bonus 100%; Championship rank; mana bonuses to match.



New player… Thanks.


Invite sent. Glad to have you!


I was thinking this alliance seemed awfully familiar, and then I noticed who was recruiting. :smile:

Having semi-randomly selected this alliance when I began, the climb has been fun.

And no, I do not hoard gold just to complete the 11k leadership quest every time it comes up! I just love the Masteries Bonuses.


Hey, Esoxnepa! Glad we finally get a chance to really communicate! I’m glad you signed up with this guild; you’ve contributed a lot to our success. And I don’t mind if you do hoard gold to complete the 11k quest (like you did a little while ago), I have a tendency to hold on till I can make a significant contribution as well.


Hi I’m new as well and in a clan but the leaders have been inactive for over 200 days…

Would love to join; do I need to quit my current clan or can I just transfer?

Invite code BLARG 2.

Yeah I called my guy BLARG… didn’t think I’d be joining any clan…


Hi, IVIMarkIVI! We would be glad to have you in our guild. You have to quit your current guild first, then I can send you an invite. Just post back here after you leave your guild so I will know when to invite you.


Hey River; I joined “The Witchers”; will stay there currently as they’re giving me help with my lineup. Thanks though!



I am interested in joining your guild as my current guild`s members are mostly inactive. I am new to this game and I look forward to participating in your guild.

My Invite code: PHILOSOPHER




Hi, Philosopher! You have to leave your current guild before I can send you an invite. Post here when that is done and I will send you an invite. Thanks for your interest and looking forward to gaming with you!

River Song


Hello River,

I have left my current guild. On a hilarious side note, “The Witchers” are trying to recruit me… I feel so important :stuck_out_tongue:. Any ways, I am ready to accept your invite.




Hey Philosopher! Invite sent. If you want any advice, since you area new player, I will try to help where I can. I don’t know everything, but I’ll try. Thanks for choosing Who is It.


Hello Riversong,

After a break, I am back into this game and would like to join your guild again.

My Invite code: PHILOSOPHER



I’m not sure who’s running the alliance right now, Riversong and I both moved on. I can send you an invite from SAMCRO, or perhaps Riversong’s new home has a slot.


We do. Aes Sedai currently has one open slot. :slight_smile:


Sounds great!!! :smiley: :smiley:


@Darkness would you be kind enough to send Philosopher an invitation to our guild?


I’m now waiting for your invite ^^.