Looking for a Clan


I am the head of a guild currently, but none of the other players have logged in for over 2 months. I need a top guild to kick ass in and take names…or even Forget the names, they aren’t important. :slight_smile: currently level 153, daily player ( I miss one day in 3-4 weeks…) and can provide 1-2k gold a day easy, if not more. I just want to be able to help an Active guild.

Thanks in advance,


Maybe I can find some place for you in our guild (top 6, Rainmaker).
But you will have to wait for the end of the week before I know who in our guild haven’t achieved weekly requirements…



Not sure if you’re only interested in the top guilds…
But I’ll pitch my guild in anyway.

Celestial Peak: Guild Level 152
We are only a couple of months old, but thanks to the contribution of a few serious players,
our League Ranking is 287 right now and climbing.

Most importantly, our Guild Level is at 152, with all Masteries at 44+
This is because we actually have quite a few players who are very generous with their donations.

Guild policy is to keep things lax and treat all members as Casuals, so there are no weekly quota or requirement or anything. However, many members still contributes heavily out of their own free will, and this in turn encourage many others to participate as well. So I think you might like our guild culture environment.

Granted, we’re not one of those old, established guilds at the top ranking, but one satisfaction you can get in our guild is to see our steadily climbing Ranking. So let me know if you’re interested in joining our family!



If you want to play in a friendly and active guild we invite you to THE WITCHERS

Currently we have 227 in the league.

We will be very happy if you join us



You can join us in Shadow Company. Ranked 49 with lots of active players; so plenty of task rewards. Looking for active players but no pressure. Plus 30 guild mastery.