Looking for a place to land


For the last year my friends and I have had our own guild to chill and hang out and not worry about activity. However, must of my friends have quit and the three of us who were the core of the guild and have accumulated nearly 12k trophies and 5 million in gold contributed to tasks. With 1.0.8 we are now looking for a place to land. If you have vacancies for three and are in the top 50 please respond or PM.


Not sure how strict you are on the top 50 requirement.

Celestial Peak has two open spots for ya! In about a week we should be able to open the third spot for your friend.
We are Guild Level 191 with a Mastery bonus of 50+ on all colors.
Our currently League Ranking is 105, and about 800 trophies away from entering the top 100!
Honestly, with the guild system the way it is, our Guild Benefits are basically on par or better than most top 50. The only difference is that we started much later than they did, but we are all aiming to catch up.

There are no contribution requirements in our guild. Everyone is free to contribute however much they want to Guild Task. All I ask is consistent active status.

Plz let me know if you’re interested to join us.


Err, edit.
Apparently I can only promise one open spot at the moment ><


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Three vacancies is a lot. Good luck! Maybe you will be the lucky break for some guild clearing out inactives.

Also, please mind the bumping. Don’t want to get on the wrong end of moderation due to over eagerness :wink:


We have place for three active players. We are in the top 50 (35th)

I will sent you a PM.