Active player looking for an active guild. (Lvl 72)


Hi. I’m IOrbit

I recently started playing this game and got hooked instantly. Now I’m looking for a guild of people with a similar level of activity. I get to rank 1 in pvp every week, and I have no problem parting with my hard earned gold to contribute to my guild if everybody else is doing the same.

Even if lvl slightly 72 is below your req lvl, I think my dedication will make up for it.
If you are currently in need of an active player, I’m your guy.

Reply in this thread or message me in private. :relaxed:


Celestial Peak has a place for ya!
We are current Ranked 85 in the League with Guild Level 203. We also have +52 Mastery Bonus to all colors. And we don’t require any weekly quota in contribution. Just donate what you can when you can. We’re only interested in active status!
Message me with your invite ID if interested please.


I’ve joined Celestial Peak. Thank you @ctu1208 for the quick answer.


aww my guild is both open and active. why do the good ones always get taken.