Looking to join an Active PC/Mobile Guild

Hi there I am looking to join a guild that is fairly active. It doesn’t need to be a top guild just one with regular players that contribute. Right now I am level 202 and usually contribute 150+ trophies a week and around 20, 000 gold. The gold is a little low since I am trying to max out all the kingdoms right now and only have 8 fully maxed out.

Invite code is Clarissa 10


Throwing out my bid for your consideration.
Celestial Peak. Level 230 guild. +56ish to all Masteries
We are currently ranked 71 in the League.
No weekly quota requirement on Trophies or Gold. We’re simply interested in active status.
At the moment 1 week inactivity will place members on the candidate list for removal.
And 2 weeks inactivity w/o any early notice is a sure kick.

Let me know if you’re interested.

Ya I am interested, the inactivity requirement seems perfectly fair to me.

Hmm, is there an underscore _ between Clarissa and 10?
I can’t seem to find you on the Invite Search.

EDIT: I sent an Invite to Clarissa_10
Let me know if this isn’t you.

I got it thanks, Just joined up

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