Who do you want to see on the loading screen for 1.0.9?

I was going to make this a poll but then I realised the pool of choices is too wide - there’s no clear small group of contenders.

I actually preferred Blade Dancer (1.0.7) to the current Green Seer - more warlike in aspect.

Personally, I’d like Salamander, but I doubt that’s anywhere near a popular choice, so what do y’all think?

Important note: I don’t expect this thread to have any real bearing on the devs’ choice, and neither should you. :wink:

Silent One or Zephyros

I’d be all for Salamander actually. I do think he’s cool looking! I’d also be down for Dimetraxia, Revenant, Pride Hunter, or perhaps one of my beloved constructs, like Flame Cannon or Deep Borer?

Goblin Rocket ^___^

I’d be cool with just about anybody, as long as it isn’t another T & A picture.


Trying to make the list as small as possible: Alastair, Berserker, Bearbarius, Celestasia, Fenrir (I really love that unit’s design), Ghiralee, Goblin Rocket, Soothsayer, Sunweaver, Wolf Knight.
So many cards look good. Choices are tough. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Why not use the No. 1 unit in GoW… Bone Dragon

I actually like Bone Dragon design. Ok, I in fact love all of the dragons’ design. :stuck_out_tongue:


picture of sirrian :heart_eyes:

I was about to say Atlanta, but I won’t now!

Celestasia sounds like the best option!

Or even better, have it rotate each week to the legendary with the event?


I like that idea, it’d be nice if the troop on the welcoming screen changed regularly.


My top 5 choices

Goblin Rockets
Shadow Dragon

Shadow Dragon

Any troop of Yellow/Blue color.

Peasant with his pitchfork of doom! Seriously though I love the art for Hydra and Shadow Dragon.

Salamander, Hydra or a dragon.

I’d love to see a not yet released troop. Something that we can drool over until the next kingdom comes out.

Since that might be too confusing to new players. Perhaps Dimextria setting the world ablaze!

Exactly. We’ve had the Blade Dancer for what felt like an eternity, to the point that even though that picture is one of the coolest in the entire game, I was sick of seeing it all the time. Now, timing wise, this point would be just about approaching with the current Green Seer, except that it’s a picture I dislike in the first place…

Couldn’t the loading screen just be in a permanent rotation? I don’t just mean “change it every other week”, I mean “change it every time I open the game”. That would be really nice.

If we can’t have that, then I’d happily settle for Venoxia, Emperina or WebSpinner. I’d also be fine with Celestasia.

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Carnex is my baby, please make it my giant metal baby!

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hey @Emos - ooo how about a peasant attacking a hydra!