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1.0.9 - Balance changes : share your thoughts

Hello fellow phone / steam players !

So, how about a little share of thoughts on the balance changes?
Something like
3 best boost making some cards great again
3 most welcomed nerf
3 cards worth mentionning

Best 1.0.9 card boosts :

  • Celestasia, infamous 3rd traits making it insanely braindeadly good
  • Rowanne, overall, armor’s been upped (more kingdoms giving armor) and the *2 armor ratio is pretty deadly !
  • Knight Coronet, was already good, now gains more magic, benefit better from leader and scales better off purple gems !

Most welecomed 1.0.9 nerfs :

  • Bone Dragon’s ratio, finally, though it still seems very strong to me, not to mention he got a pretty decent legendary trait…
  • Bye Agile / Trueshot spam. Need I say more?
  • Skeleton, especially considering I have a couple decks running Knights as first troop !

1.0.9 changes worth mentionning :

  • Giant Spider seems to be kinda taking over Green Slime’s spot in some situations, her spell costs a lot but can be quite efficient !
  • Sylvasi is back ! With a better ratio and lower attack overall on many troops, stealing attack can kill ennemy teams ! Besides, there was a lot of yellow to purple / purple to yellow mana color changers, the new target color (Blue) is much welcome !
  • Terraxis has way more magic now and scales better off blue gems, worth trying in a solid AoE team, especially now that attack has been lowered for magic to make a comeback !

And you? What are your thoughts on the update?

Biggest annoyance: everyone and their mother using Burning Scythe in Arena (incluiding me). Right now it’s just a matter of pumping red and purple mana as fast as one can into the hero. Whoever reaches 14 first wins the battle.

Yeah, I heard about that (not an arena player myself)
But I guess a big part of the problem is that classes aren’t intended to have any impact on arena, so that’s a bug :confused:
(you can see how Heroes loose the class icon in arena, I think he also loose his perks / traits / kingdom, but not the magic boost nor his stat boosts)

I think the kingdom level bonuses have one too many magic and one too few attack.

kingdom bonuses do not go over to arena, but hero class bonuses do.

ive been also seeing the purple/yellow area of attack weapon

Recent player here, but active in PVP (well, until I reach rank 1 for the week) and arena player. I built my team around my first legendary card, who happened to be the Keeper of Souls. I like to play with Team bonus as much as possible, and you can guess I very much resent the skeleton nerf. Hopefully I can still achieve some victories over the numerous goblin teams in PVP, but right now I’m at a loos regarding what to do in the game.

Could some more experienced player let me know of a fun skull/atk team, as it match my playstyle (crush the ennemy !)?

Otherwise i like most of the changes, particulary the Hero classes, gives us a nice incentive to try new things :slight_smile:

  • liked the nerf to change to skeleton and bone dragon
  • thought it was kinda stupid to nerf agile from 30% to 20% just to remove it from some unit anyway
  • the unique trait on legendaries seems kinda pointless at the moment
  • liking the buff to knight coronet,chimera,rex warrior,tau
  • dryad is still kinda useless and dumb even with a defense reducing effect
  • new unit are kinda mehtastic
  • not sure i like the class system, it kinda feels like all it does is make certain weapon overpowered

I really like everything I can think of of the new patch, except for the difficulty system on PvP.

I dislike the difficulty change on pvp, makes me not even want to play the game as often.

I also disliked some of the nerfs to my existing team which worked well, and now I get crushed by the AI so often with lucky drops. I’d rather both sides never get lucky drops.

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at least the pvp still has difficulty :slight_smile: that makes me happy. i know its a “bug” but it got to stay!

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Somethings I like, but most I hate. I like the new kingdoms and frozen. I hate the nerfs, the change to agile and true shot, and the difficulty changes. Not sure I’ll play anymore which is a shame because I dropped some good money on this game.

Top 3 Buffs

  1. Mo Magic! - Druid’s welcome return to feeling like a beast!
  2. Jarl Firestarter - Burn, baby, burn! Muahahaha! (3rd Trait, duh!)
  3. Rowanne - I know it’s been mentioned, but it’s highly appreciated.

Top 3 Nerfs

  1. Sheggra’s Heart - Hoorah! No more Magic =Gem Creation scaling! I’m finally free!
  2. Trueshot - Didn’t really mind Agile, but good riddance to trueshot!
  3. Less Attack! - Even with the Marauder bonus change, goblins do much less frightening damage.

Top 3 Honorable Mentions

  1. Tyri - Destroy > Remove, plus a 1 in 5 chance of map? Early players got it good nowadays!
  2. Morthani’s Scythe - Rain down death upon thy enemies, watch as their faces turn to fear.
  3. Stormheim Bonus - Taking all that beautiful health from the filthy goblins, does their strength not move you?