What are your expectations for the 1.0.9 update?


As I am very new in the game, I rather like to hear what some experienced players is expecting for the upcomming update.

Too much expectations is never good, so try to be down to earth with your expectations. :slightly_smiling:

Cheers. :slightly_smiling:


Other then the 2 new status effects. barrier and frozen. I am just expecting a boost for the Hero to make him worthwhile to use again.

I hope Arena will be playable in any kingdom. Want to get minor red or green minor gems when I play arena, not brown/blue. (Arena is played in broken spire only, Broken spire yields mostly brown/blue).


They have touched on this, and i believe they are going to leave the icon for entry to arena in broken spire, and just make rewards more versatile. - In example, all traits tones being available for reward.


The preview showed the hero with improved stats and traits. So the new abilities plus that, I think the traits are going to depend on the weapon and the weapon used will determine traits. Stats will just get boosted. Maybe the new kingdom will come out at the same time as well. I would love it if he was able to fit into any kingdom/creature type (at least kingdom). I think there might be more options for heroes appearance as well.


I expect thrills! Chills! Without even a net!:wink:


Sirrian has said there will be (1) new status effects, (2) buffs to heroes including traits, & (3) rebalancing of troops. There may be more stuff but that’s all I recall him mentioning.


I play my teams with my hero when appropriate and what i am expecting is to not be robbed of his/her/its usefulness in the coming update.


Puppies… Lots and lots of puppies.



A new loading screen. I’m bored of Green Seer. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, it’s not really expectations, just some hopes for 1.0.9:

  • An ascension interface that is a little less punishing for the mouse button.
  • Ways to obtain reasonable numbers of glory keys without having to join a top guild. 1.0.8 made it next to impossible for “normal” players to get the rarer troops, gold keys don’t really help.
  • Arena rewards no longer bound to the Broken Spire banner. As much as I like trait stones, blue and brown are beginning to exceed their welcome.
  • Heroes still roughly on par with troops within the arena. I’d hate to see fully traited heroes that just waltz over the three troop picks, it’s already scary enough to repeatedly meet eslee in the 200+ level range. :sweat:

And for a minor pet peeve:

  • The “left” arrow in the hero armor selection screen to cycle back instead of forward.


That it gets released?

… maybe even still within this year?


It’s been less than two months. What mobile game are you playing that gets big updates every month?