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Which Troop should be the 2.0 wallpaper?

Unless it’s been already predestined by the devs, I say it’s time to finally put Green Seer out to pasture and have someone new grace the login screen. Just want to see whom y’all think should be the new poster child?

Based on the beauty of artwork alone, my personal choices have to be some of the newer troops. In order of preference my top three are:

  1. Mercy
  2. Valor
  3. Rakshanin

Once we have a collection of opinions perhaps a future poll can choose the winner!


Seconding Mercy!

Other possible options:
Ice Witch
Herald of Chaos

and last but not least… Fortress Gate!

Mercy!!!..No brainer

Goblins :wink:


Sacrifical priest! Looks like the cool magic (and knife) -wielding brawler many of us imagine ourselves to be in the game :sunglasses:

Mercy or Rakshanin are excellent options…

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Based on artwork and pose, I’d go with Jarl, Alastair or Mercy.

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My vote would be to The great maw, hydra, or keeper of souls. Maw will always have a special place in my heart. “I’m coming home maw.” I must admit though, I wouldn’t be mad if it was Mercy.

Actually what would be best, and I know this is probably breaking from tradition, would be two troops facing off against each other to symbolise the PVP changes. Maybe Mercy vs Rakshanin or something?



That was sort of the motif I was going for on the Gems Database background art. Mercy on the left, Infernal King on the right. Angel vs. Demon.


I like the idea of having to troops face off. Pretty much like the background of this forum page.

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Really like the sound of that and the idea behind it. Would be awesome if it happened.

They could have several splash pages and rotate them so it’s not always the same (which is how it’s done on console.)


Cause I’m bored and liked the idea…


Awesome job! I am curious at how you did this so I can do it. lol

The png’s are all in the game files on PC :wink:

So mostly just moving and resizing in Photoshop

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Download the Steam version and you can find nearly every image in the game. It is also how I make all my thumbnails for my YouTube videos.


Wow that was too easy. Thank you both for your help! Also what is your youtube or can you post that in forums? probably not.

While we are on the topic of game files, has anyone been able to get an altered game image file to display in the game? I modded one of the avatar files, but it still shows the original (despite that png being altered with a custom image).