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Which troop you hate the most in Delve

For me this is the Bulette without hesitation, they are so annoying and combined with the troll, if you not lucky they switch your order or can devour you and ruin your run

what about you?

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Bulette’s certainly a front runner.

Kraug is really annoying because 5% insta-kill feels like 500% sometimes, and especially on teams where Maw/Hero or other essential sits atop the formation, that 1 in 20 shot can ruin the whole run.

Whatever the “here, you’re now a Toad” character is. Because “here, you’re now a Toad”

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Its 5% devour chance for Kruarg when dealing skull damage, not insta-kill. That means if you have a front troop/class that is imune to devour, at least Kruargs 3rd trait wont go off.

Dust Devil, Night Hag, Bulette, Toadstool, Kruag the Dread, Gorbil anything that can insta-kill, alter your team order or transform.

Oh and have you seen what Lady Morgana can do with no purple on the board? :joy:

Bulete. I hate him with the passion of 1,000 suns.
Night Hag, Florian and Nyx are close seconds.


Yeah, I agree, Ricky. Night Hag is really the witch troop I hate the most. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just kidding, I don’t intensely hate any troops more than the others in particular, but I do have a love-hate in how all the rooms are designed.

No troops in Delve have zero troll potential. Every single one of them can magically turn the game around when the condition is right. You can’t ever underestimate any troops based on their rarities.

And if you think you have found the best team, there will always be one room that render your strategy useless. Yeah, still a bit mad at you, Ancient Golem!!

Bulette isn’t a witch. Really there aren’t many witches in Delve. It’s possible Night Hag qualifies, in which case I nominate Night Hag as my least favorite witch troop in Delve.

probably the bulette but the silent sentinel is very annoying when you accidently deal skull damage to it


Alright i fixed the topic little jokers :stuck_out_tongue:

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I hate Delves barely more then events.

The troop I hate the most going up against is the one that turns my troop into a frog/ toad. Troop order shuffling is annoying but at least you still have all your original troops.

Bulette for completely screwing up the order and always managing to devour a troop due to sheer bad luck.

Night Hag and Toadstool for their transformations which I swear happen all the time.

Kruarg the Dread for always getting the 5% chance to devour (I don’t have level 100 Titan for hero and Maw doesn’t have devour immunity).

Cockatrice and Florian for draining your mana and this is especially true for Cockatrice who feeds himself for 10 mana! (Seriously, nerf Cockatrice)

The rock and ice worms for their insane damage at later levels which is near uncounterable due to the fact they also feed themselves.

ALL Orc’s (Especially Fel’dras).

Dwarven Gate along with Lady Ironbeard (Surprisingly no issues with Lord Ironbeard).

So yeah… basically I have problems with every troop in delve rooms and I haven’t gotten to the faction troops yet…

Gargoyle with the triple instant kill the second it casts at higher levels

Silent Sentient for being a major pain to kill and for the third trait which makes Gargoyle even worse

Ocularen Leech and Xerodar are just as bad as each other.

Lady Morana however, is the queen of trolling. The enemy Morana will always instant kill, yours? Never instantly kills ever. 10% for enemy will work, your 40%+ will fail.

Urgh… I hate them…

Edit: Oh and, I can’t believe I forgot about them but Dust Devils as well.


Dust devils.

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Leviathan because unlike the others I always forget it can mess up troop order so I’m always unpleasantly surprised.


Toadstools, and Night hag. Just about to win a fight with Yasmine’s Chosen only for it to be turned into a freakin frog.