Suggestion for worst team ever


Hi all,
I would like to set a defense team with the worst troops available in the game.

Which are, in your opinion, the worst/useless troops?
I also would like to ascend them to mythic and to full trait them, just to try to have a “fun” team for those who attack me.

Also useless troops deserve a moment of glory.



Dwarven Miner, Peasant, Ogre all fit. Fortress Gate has been done already. I did Priestesses already, but they’re actually not rock-bottom useless like the first three I said. They’re kind of deliberately garbage - Lance Knight is another one that just happens to be weak as hell.


I’ve already done War Hound.

Poison Master?


Ogre’s base attack at level 15 us 9, not sure it fits the bill. I do agree with the other suggestions though.


Add in Dire Wolf run by the AI. It targets the hunter’s mark randomly so has a better chance of targeting a troop who has no chance of being hit by skulls rather than the front troop. And it gives up its turn to do it!



War Hound and Poison Master both fit. I hadn’t realized nobody said it had to be common…

I’ve always loathed Poison Master.


Poor Poison Master can’t get any love… I really hope he’s reworked at some point.


For uselessness I would like also to consider rarity in addition to power.

For example Skeleros o Gar’nok are for sure not the best troops in the game :grinning:


I actually had multiple Defends today against a guy who has:
Fortress Gate
Hound Dog
Hound Dog
Fortress Gate

This is extremely long and boring to face, even though the win is guaranteed for me. I guess this fits your bill. Actually… was it you?! :smiley:


I would add Aziris to that list as well. (Don’t know if it is a male or female so I’ll call it an it) especially if it is AI controlled… :grin:


Fortress Gate
War Hound
Fortress Gate

For the added annoyance of having a generator. Ewwwww


He is looking so cool!


If we’re going for lame but annoying troops then I’d put Flesh Golem at the top of the list. His ability (+HP and Entangle) plus traits (Big & Regeneration) make him super annoying even for true shot teams. He’s basically a less-competent-more-annoying version of the Treant.

Unfortunately he doesn’t combo as well as Treant but Green Slime works pretty well as a generator and its Jinx is kind of annoying.


She’s nowhere near the worst troop in the game, but I’ve always wondered how a team full of Hags would do.

Hero(Prismatic Orb)

As a support troop, she should be mostly useless by herself. A team like this would make the game a little more interesting for invaders, as fighting a bunch of Dwarven Miners would get boring fast. Plus it would be funny to have a troop entangled, silenced, marked, burned, poisoned, and frozen(?) all at once.


I would disagree about the peasant. Fills fast can do 2 skull damage with its skill which seems to bypass dodge and after leveling up a bunch has a decent armor life and attack.


Thanks all!

My goal is to setup a team of troops that is not the most annoying for who face it, but composed of that troops that nobody would ever use and that make you say “oh no, another one” or “noooo, bad luck forme!” when you get them from chests


I also really like the idea of a War Sphinx team after grinding some Khetar challenges recently. The sphinx team was super annoying b/c it fills up fast and drags out the game. Not sure what you’d pair them with but ideally something that generates Blue/Purple to give sphinxes a ton of extra turns without accomplishing anything. Green slime? Or maybe Sylvasi for extra annoyance?


I’m using a team with War Sphinx right now, and it’s working out well.

Green Slime
Keeper of Souls
War Sphinx

Very good board control.


Well that’s a team that would actually be effective. We’re talking about teams that would be very ineffective. So Something like:

Green Slime
War Sphinx
War Sphinx


Make him the only troop in the game that can increase the toxicity of poison or something.
More than 1 hp per turn etc.