Delve: Which rooms do you avoid?

For me, I’ve got a plethora of rooms I’ll be avoiding because of how annoying they are getting.

Bulette Lair (Dragging and Devour chance? No)
Worm Tunnel (CURSE YOU RNG!)
Levithan (Nothing more crippling than losing all buffs and dragged. Also low chance upgrade despite being a Legendary room)
Gar’nok (Same as class event, such a pain to kill)
Witches Coven (Night Hag says Toad)
Faiery Court (Toadstool changes you to it)
Dust Tunnel (Dust Devils with right away dragging? At least their damage sucks)
Goblin Throne (You wanted Dexterious Enemies for winning instead of Agile Enemies? Granted!) (20% + 20%)

Yeah… all those rooms suck either because of dragging, devour or being a major pain to kill without you being utterly murdered.

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I’ve never skipped a room. I don’t ever really plan on skipping a room, unless I happen to lose to the same room over and over. Then, it might make more sense to skip it. But, until then, I personallyplan on doing all the rooms.

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I will skip:

Dust Devils
Green Slime/Bone Dragon in ASE
Glaycion in ASE (room is easy, modifier gives all enemies immune to Frozen)

Rooms I have a very chance of skipping on high level floors:

Lady Ironbeard

I’m sure I’ll have more to worry about in the future.

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I don’t avoid them, but I treat the Bulette, Faerie, and Dwarves rooms differently.

If I see any of those rooms, I want to face it as not-buffed as possible so that means I tend to tackle them earlier. I haven’t been completely ruined by them yet, but it’s always possible. “Higher levels” isn’t a thing for me at this moment so usually I squeak by.

Room that give bonus Snare/Tangle traits to all enemies. It could be a pain when you don’t bring an appropriate counter, an instant skip when you’re doing a fraction team with no immunity for any of them.

When at high levels,I skip the Bulette lairs and Wind tunnels…
All other rooms will feel my wrath!!!


If I’m not time-pressured I do every room. These ones are a pain though. Need to change the order of rooms depending on what is there - save Entangle/Web rooms for last so I don’t have to go through that as many times, do Bulettes and Dust Devils first so I can let them juggle me to the right order without taking too much damage, etc.

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The higher the player goes, the more rooms get avoided.

The normally harmless Amira/Spirit Fox room becomes deadly when SF can start 2 shotting things.

Dark Monolith becomes a big pain when you cast so much because its huge HP pool that its cast can one shot your troops.

Rock Worms doing Rock Worm things can chain spells in a row and kill your last troop without noticing.

After awhile, you start wondering how many rooms won’t kill you in horrible ways.


Kruarg the Dread from Worm Tunnels is something you also need to watch out for. Despite a measly 5% chance of devouring, when it does active, rip your front line if you had a skull reduction tank like Gorgotha. Sure, you could shove someone immune to devour in front but if the room isn’t even there then it is a waste and besides, the chance of it happening is still bad.

Kruarg killed my front troop twice yesterday from a skull.

Why is that? You can see all the enemies in each rooms before selecting your team. Bringing immunity troop just in case you might face it is never a thing that should happen.

Actually no, so far no map lets you see every room in advance. You can generally only see the first room. And you can’t change your team after you start the first room.

Actually you can. Even though they are still white you can look and see what teams they are before you get started with your team selection.

Try it once.

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Do many players actually don’t know this function exist after a week? Wow…

It’s never too late, I think.

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Huh. My day is packed so it’ll be a while before I can test, but I honestly never tried. It’s kind of a UI golden rule: if something doesn’t look interactive, people won’t try to interact with it.

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For brulette rooms, I always do them first… and if they push a troop back before I can kill them, I just leave them alive till they do it 3 more times, then I one shot them. The battle takes 3 times as long but it gets the job done with no side-effects.

Unlike Dust Devils, Bulette’s do have a side effect in terms of devour. That can easily ruin your team.


Can be easily mitigated by keeping brown gems low. If you kill all but one of the Bulette’s it should be easy to regulate the brown count unless you get really bad RNG.

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We can also add the Treasure Trove to the list since it has 4 Mimic’s and one of the Mimic’s random part of the skill is a devour on a random troop… woo…

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I only skip double Boulette. I have paid dearly for not skipping other rooms, but I play smart and do my best.

Double Boulette is just far too consistent for me.