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Delves - Reorginize troops between battles

I understand that while your delving you can’t access you troops and replace those you lost, but you should at least be able to move your troops around with the X button between battles.


Nope. They don’t allow you to do that because of some (enemy) troops that have a re-ordering spell.


This is in the feature request catagory, so he is requesting this change. And I support this request. Your team should return to its base order if it gets pushed around.

Agree. It’s not like there is a friendly spell to put your troops back into order that can counter it.

I believe its meant to be like that to give you a challenge.


Sure, but that type of challenge is really annoying and artificial in nature.

“Okay guys, are we ready for the next room? I mean, sure it would make more sense to put Gorgotha back up front while we are sitting here deciding what to do, but it looks like we are all glued in place.”


Sure it is, but it’s still a challenge.

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Technically there are - the Serve and Protect weapon can do this in a very limited capacity, and Skrymir the Lofty is more flexible about it. These are still crap options though.

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Also my gorgotha got pulled in the bottom and couldnt do anything for the rest of the delve.

Not only that, the hero that found itself being the tank got turned into a giant frog! and also that wont change betwhen battles so had to finish it with a bored gorgotha picking flowers in a corner and a “bard frog” that was useful the same.

It’s funny cuz being so easy still Sylenus and a dryad managed to duo the rest, guess later on something like that would be lot less fun, retreat.


I hear your Bard Frog singing choruses of “It’s Not Easy Being Green.”


I can’t say that I’d be opposed to the mechanic being altered, although completely nixing it would ruin some of the challenge. I know I’ve already been guilty of expecting to steamroll an easy tier team, only to find they had two full mana dust devils that forced me to change my playstyle afterwards.

That said, I can see it getting really annoying and perhaps overly restrictive in higher levels where you will more strongly depend on your team working a certain way to have a chance at survival.

I like it to stay as part of the challenge, so player have to check every rooms before start playing Delve, and choose their path wisely.

There is one way to counter that, just like in Raid, you have to start with the team in wrong order (3/4/1/2), then rush to 2 Dust Devil’s room to get them to shuffle it right. That also mean you have to fight first few battle in wrong order, but it’s better than clearing alll room with wierd team order, then facing the boss with your tank troops not on top.

Other way is let Dust devil cast more untill order is back to normal. But this is more tricky as you have to kill other troops first but leaving Dust Devil alive. In late level, that pose a risk of losing your troops from other enemies’ spell before order is restored. (Dust Devil himself can only do 5 AoE damage max, so it’s not likely to kill anything)


Disagree with this request. This is the first game mode with this extra limitation and challenge. Surely that’s the point.


It’s not about the challenge, its about logic.

There is no logical reason that a party couldn’t reorganize it’s order between rooms.

If it’s like this for the challenge, then just add a bonus to the final score if troop order wasn’t reorganized between rooms…

When we try to use full logic into things we could as well discuss why someone needs to gather three skulls to make a single attack… Or why our characters don’t yell “Leeeeeeeerooooy Jeeeeenkins!” they “crit” matching five or more skulls…

Locking positions is part of the challenge. In the future we might see other elements with a major role in such challenges.


Like… even stats poins are locked between battle? Finishing with 1-life-point Infernus would also mean 1-life-point ready-to-die Infernus in the next match. Likewise, finishing with 300-life-point Draakulis would also mean 300-lives-point why-so-buff Drakkulis in next match, which ready to gain 300 more. That would be very brutal and cheesy!

There is no logical way Atlanta can stand up, but here we are.


I think the devs would certainly not take this road, specially for the cheesy tactics of getting tons of extra stats in the first easy battles.

Maybe rooms disabling certain traits? We sort of see it already working as we defeat some group of enemies that gives an extra trait to all remaining enemies in all the other rooms. So there is a possibility.

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I don’t think any logic can be applied here. I disagree that your logic is very logical. It’s just a new set of rules to operate with, imposed by the designers who also imposed that a board has 64 cells and gems fall from above.

If you faced a Dust Devil during battle and got your first troop pushed to last position, your best option is to feed Dust Devil with brown and yellow gems and let it use spell three more times.
This is what I have done. Just a little bit tricky not dying during the process.

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