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Which troop(s) do u think will get nerfed/loved in 2.0?

Lets have a discussion! :slight_smile:

Are we counting summons? Since I think Dokkalfar is getting love with the summon changes :stuck_out_tongue:

Other than that… Maybe a slightly nerf to Gorgotha somewhere? Maybe a slightly increase in mana cost? I dunno…

If spider swarm could summon spider queen then dokkalfar (my second favorite troop behind tyri) would be too powerful. However due to the sneak peak dokkalfar has gotten the biggest buff of any troop we know of.
I hope they buff tyri to be honest and i hope they nerf ,hmm i don’t think there is anything worth nerfing. Too many troops need buffs to be in line with other troops so nerfing stronger troops seems bad.

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The Legendary Queen, Queen Mab, from the new kingdom is going to be ridiculously overused in defend teams. She has:

[spoiler] - Mana burn to ALL enemies for 14 mana.

  • Arcane trait that raises damage of mana burn
  • Freeze on 4x and 5x matches [/spoiler]

All summoning troops are going to be popular at the lower levels. Someone would just have to level 5 different cards to essentially have a team of infinite cards.

Infernal King, even with the nerf to immortal, is going to be used a lot. If his resurrect percent chance is 20% or 25%, I am pretty sure people will build teams with 2x IKs.


I wonder if IK will be reduced even further to be honest, maybe down to 15% or even 10%. That might be too far, but I get the feeling the nerf will be more than 25% atleast.

OT: How do you do the whole blurry text thing for spoilers? I tried poking around in the post window and couldn’t find it…



It isn’t showing up in code correctly but it is [spoiler] in front of the text and then [spoiler] with a / in front of it like [/end], but with “spoiler” instead of “end”.

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Remember how they buffed tyri? I remember the buff and it was powerful and yet she is still seen as weak.

Nope, I don’t :stuck_out_tongue: I started after 1.0.9, so the only buffs/nerfs I’ve seen at the ones to the goblins.

What were the buffs to Tyri exactly?

She was given the ability to collect maps! Such a super powerful skill is easily abused even if it is at 20% chance. Her third trait also buffs her spell’s ability too.

The issue with Tyri’s ability to collect maps is that it actually adds nothing to the card’s power in battle. Yes it helps get maps, and that helps people improve troops. But collecting a map doesn’t affect the battle you’re currently in, which might be why people still consider her “weak” despite the buff.

As such I’d say that the adding the map portion to her spell made her more USEFUL, but not necessarily more POWERFUL.

I’m curious how the third trait affects the map gathering? As far as I’m aware it’s just a static 20%? I agree it increases her ability to collect mana, but I assume it was like that before her buff as well?

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I wouldn’t be surprised if they increase the mana cost slightly of summoning troops/weapons if they become drastically OP after they go live. I would prefer they did that rather than take away abilities anyway.

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Luckily Manaburn turned out to be a lot less scary than many feared(no drain, no true damage), so Mebs spell is not going to be too painful. Her traits look quite strong though, Arcane on a troop that hits ALL with scaling damage is a first afaik .
As for the most likely to be nerfed, i’d go with Great Maw, that or at least they will fix his hunger trait to not hit subsequent targets.
Most likely to get some love, hmm apart from the obvious love for summoners there are so many possibilities, i feel Carnex will get some and Zephyros (just wishful thinking) and of course Frost Giant… just kidding no one likes Frost Giant.

…not wanting to cry nerf before something even hit the board - I remember what happened with all the fuss over the proposed frozen effect (leading us to the watered-down pants effect we have now)… but I think we want to keep a sceptical eye on this one…

It does not boost map gains but does boost mana you can remove from the board.

I really hope they buff some of those poor Giants!

From what we saw with this week’s Kingdom, I am wondering if we will see more week to week balancing, so that not all the balance changes hit during patches.

Yeah, it seems like that’s the trend. I was really hoping it would be like last time where they rain buffs and nerfs on us.

If they buff tyri i hope it is 20%–>25% for maps or mana required to cast from 8 ->6

To be fair, Bone Dragon’s Frozen Soul is absolutely horrid to vs with, y’know, certain teams (although I guess everything needs a counter). If it was much stronger, they wouldn’t have been able to implement it that way.

Bone Dragons Frozen Soul is special though and infinitely more powerful than the basic frozen effect.
It is triggered in the enemies turn and takes effect retroactively for the skull match that triggered it.

Imagine it was entangle instead of frozen, the way Frozen Soul retroactively works would make any skull matches made against the troop with that trait count as 0 base damage(+1 for a 4 match +2 for more) as the entangle gets applied before the skull match is resolved.
That would be the most broken trait imaginable, while entangle itself is in no way game breaking or even dreadful on its own.