Dokkalfar summon help please

Did they already buff summons? A level 12 dokkalfar summons a level 10 giant spider. I did not know that until i used it for testing. Here is the problem i have with this summon. The level 10 giant spider summons a level 15 spider swarm wtf. Is summons already buffed and we the players not notified or what.

The level 12 Dokkalfar summoning a 10 giant spider is correct as it’s based off of Dokkalfar’s magic stat, which is 10 at level 12. However the Giant Spider’s summon should also be based on it’s magic stat which should only be 8 at level 10, meaning the Spider Swarm should be level 8. Did the Giant Spider get any magic buffs before it cast Swarm?

No magic buffs from what i can tell. By the way spioler alert.

Notice how the spider i am showing you is summoned as it has no traits and is not the other giant spider.

Huh, that’s odd that the Spider comes in with 17 Magic, which is the value it would have if it was level 20. I remember reading somewhere that summons are capped at 15, which is probably why it’s summoning a level 15 Spider Swarm rather than a level 17. But the core of this issue is that it shouldn’t have that much magic at level 10. Possibly a bug? When you summon the Spider Swarm how much magic does it come in with? Or do any other summons come in with higher than expected magic values?

Hmm so the Spider Swarm is coming in with normal Magic levels, it just seems that the Giant Spider is coming in with elevated levels. I’d probably chalk this down to a bug. However, I’m going to test out the couple summon troops I’ve got and see if they behave normally or not. I only have Dark Master and Summoner though (not counting trait summons, as I don’t have the stones to unlock those).

Ok, so the short of it: Summoner has the same bug, Dark Master does not.

Here we can see a level 1 Ghoul with 6 Magic, a value it shouldn’t have till levels 17 and 18.

While here a level 1 Thrall comes in with 1 Magic, which is the correct value for levels 1-4.

Who knew testing a team for the draft would lead to bug finding.

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Heh, yeah fun times :smiley:

Also it looks like it’s not actually just Magic that’s changed.

Just to preface, I have 0 Kingdoms at level 10 yet so no stat bonuses. And it looks like all stats are elevated.
It’s easiest to see on the Ghoul…
A level 1 Ghoul should have 2 Attack, 2 Armor, 2 Life, 1 Magic. Taking into account the Lord of Thorns buff in my screen shot it should be 2/3/3/1, however it actually has 6/9/16/6, or 6/8/15/6 without Lord of Thorns, which is odd as no level of Ghoul has that spread. The closest I can figure out is a level 15 Ghoul, which has 5/7/12/5 and ascended to UR which gives +1/+2/+3/+0 for a total of 6/9/15/5 (which is correct on Attack and Life, but off by -1 on Magic and by +1 on armour), or a level 17 Ghoul un-ascended (ie Common) which has a spread of 6/9/15/6, which has Attack, Health and Magic correct, but is 1 short on Armour (remembering the +1 life and armour from Lord of Thorns)

If someone else could check out the summons on the following troops that would be awesome, I currently don’t have them or else I would do it:
Goblin King

Also not sure if this should be moved to a bug report area (Support?) so a Dev (maybe @Sirrian or @Nimhain?) can this and confirm that this isn’t working as intended? (or if it is what the formula for the stats of a summon is if it IS working as intended?)

EDIT: Either I’m going crazy (entirely possible) and this was in the Support forum all along, or it’s now been moved there, and if that’s the case thanks to whoever moved it!

When you are a regular, you can move topics. Yes i moved this on my own cause you asked and it is not your imagination.

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Gar’Nok has issues, too. I mentioned this a while ago and got no response.