Things I hate! (But in a good way)

Sooooo to talk a little bit about gameplay and not necessarily bugs or anything…

Demonic Pact - Holy crap this makes Gorgotha even more of a nightmare!
Summoning in general! - Wow the Giant spider is a Giant PAIN now!

I gotta give props to summoning now, it seems like a very viable and interesting mechanic whereas before it was mostly just a minor speed bump. Now Gorgotha dying has a 25% chance of screwing up your flow!

I think It’s time to make a demonic pact deck!

What are some of the new things that have thrown you guys for a loop in combat now?

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To be perfectly honest i think summoning went overboard… at least for troops like the Giant Spider.
A universal transformer, that also throws a 60 hp 17 attack troop in front of you every 2 turns is just dumb, makes all other universal transformers who generally have secondary spell effects with low impact on gameplay look very very weak…

Are you talking giant spider or dokkalfar?

Haven’t met a Dokkalfar yet, just met a couple of Giant Spiders and they can get very annoying when they get to throw their 60+ hp meatshields at you.

Afair before 2.0 the “Immortal” trait of Infernal King brought a super weak copy of it back. Now he returns fully traited with his original stats. Very frustrating cause I have seen him revive not once but twice in a single match, which I lost =/

Well before 2.0 his legendary trait was very terrible. I never even considered traiting him even though i very frequently used him from the first day Blighted Land was introduced.
Now his trait might actually be useful…well you know, one out of four times. Still not gonna trait him though, as i don’t really need his traits for invading.
In the end a resurrected IK is just another meat shield being thrown in front of you, of which a Giant Spider has infinite ones! :stuck_out_tongue:

Dokkalfar is the best summoner to create meat shields. All hail dokka