Which Mythic ia worth having more than one copy

Which Mythic is worth having more than one copy? for discussion

For me, I think Ironhawk and Tina 9000.

High King Irongut and The Possessed King can have use in multiples as well. Sometimes Phoenecia x2 on weeks like this where she gets the boost can be good and possibly 2x Arachnaean Weaver.

Except delves or events, I have never used multiples of the same mythic except Ironhawk.

For delves and events, depending on the restriction, any mythic that can deal a high amount of (true) damage, or instant kill is good, so (not necessarily limited): HKI, Zuul, Phoenicia, Draakulis, TINA, etc.

I think some people use dual TINA as a potential T3 PvP team, however, I prefer TINA + Beetrix combo more.

Pharos-Ra is another Mythic worth another copy. Souls are a HUGE necessity in this game and having two Pharos-Ras will definitely make soul farming less tedious.

Thanks to vault weekends and the GAP event soul farming isn’t nearly as important as it used to be. I got Pharos-Ra about a month or 2 before they released GAP and used him until then and have not used him again since.

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kalika is a troop that goes from ok to really strong when you have two copies, making one of the more powerful PVP teams on the elemental class with maybe a Queen Bee, and volcan’s mace…you can even drop Queen for King Heliodor in first slot to make a very powerful looping mana generating nexus team.

Ironhawk you should have 2-3 copies of for speed running through level 1 explores (you’ll need 3 for the fastest with Dust Devil, but only 2 during Gnome-a-Palooza because you need to run dust devil+greed/sister so you can kill the soul gnomes since they have slightly more health).

TINA-9000 I run 3x sometimes with Mechanist in events so they all start with 50% mana and enchant from shop tier. Then you just cast one at a time and mow enemies down. Usually use this on towers.

Because of the nerf to the way GAP rewards are calculated and the appearance of Cursed Gnomes this strategy is not as good as it used to be. Running the highest level explore you can one shot with a speed kill team like Rowanne, Draakulis or Phoenecia then stalling 45 seconds for battles that a Cursed Gnome appears in will net you a lot more cursed runes. The amount of battles per hour you lose is not that much compared to the rewards you gain from higher explore difficulties. A Cursed Gnome at explore 1 difficulty will net you like 2 runes you can get at least 5-7 runes per gnome at explore 6 difficulty if you stall the battle to 45 seconds.

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I like to use 2 iron guts in higher level delves.

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