Is it worth crafting more than one HKI?

Just wondering, is it worth crafting more than one HKI? I already have one.
If yes, then please share the team build with 2 HKI.

The only place I have seen this is for delves where you cannot bring HKI + Zuul or for delves where there is high chance your team will get re-ordered (e.g., Warrens). This way, you can do the following build:

HKI / Thrall / Essence of Evil / HKI

This is essentially the HKI + Zuul build, but using 2 HKIs instead of 1. So, it does have some usage, but very niche.

Also, the following is a very good alternative to HKI / Zuul as well:

HKI / Thrall / Essence of Evil / The Wild Queen

(in other words, again, even if you don’t have 2 HKIs, you can survive 99% of the time)


Cronus covered it very well, but I just wanted to add that until you have most, if not all troops, I honestly think you are better off only making a dupe of ironhawk. Save those diamonds for troops and weapons you don’t have.

Thanks my friend @Cronus

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Yes I got all troops but still missing some weapons. I am thinking right now is to save my diamonds for these weapons. Thank you guys

Mountain crusher/HKI/Archdeva/HKI

In most cases where you’d have 2 HKI, you’re better off having a curse source so HKI can devour everything.

Wouldn’t recommend it, but you can.


You are right.