Is Pharos Ra worth crafting?

Not sure if I want to get this mythic. Besides soul farming, is it any useful?

Beside souls farming, no. Even for soul farming I only used it briefly. Retrospectively, I also crafted him for this, but I would rather not. Pharos Ra and TPK are one of the earliest mythics I have crafted and I still regret them.


Thanks for your input. 4000 diamonds are not easy to hoard.

They are not. Even at my level right now (I would consider myself close to end game) so I would hold on to them especially if you are missing other useful mythics.

After a while you won’t even need to farm soul especially if you are playing actively.

I would aim to get 2 Ironhawks asap for farming vault events. Vault events give you all kinds of resources including souls.

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This is very good advice. Regardless of your goals, 2 ironhawks is one of the best investments especially if you can plan for gnome events in advance and make time for it.

Then, my list would continue with Phoenicia and then Draakulis (for mythics that is).

I have not come across ironhawk yet. I have pulled a few very useful mythics including phoenicia, HKI and Zuul’Goth (which I now use every day in medal farming). If ironhawk appears in the forge I will certainly grab it.

If you already have HKI, Zuul and Phoenicia, I would strongly support @Fleg’s good advice on trying to get two Ironhawks. So, you are aiming to save 8K diamonds at any given time. You can also get a good boost with a single Ironhawk, but two of them will be a game-changer, again considering that you can prepare for vault events in advance.

If you can go beyond and get even better for it, you can even go and craft 3 ironhawks as that would make the regular gnome hunt (not GaP) considerably faster (compared to 2 ironhawks).

Obligatory note: Ironhawk MUST be fully traited or its just a digital paperweight


Does anyone know when Ironhawks will be in the forge next time? I was missing diamonds the last time, but now I’m ready…

Pharos used to be a great sniper as well as soul farmer, and at the peak of the divine meta, Valkyrie into Pharos was my preferred method to take out Ubastet in one shot. That was… 3.5 (?) years ago. Since then, our ever-inflating stat bonuses from kingdoms, pets, renown, campaign, etc. (and scaling events, for AI stats) have functionally outpaced Pharos’ one-hit-KO ability, at least in endgame situations. Still useful occasionally in events.

That’s a long winded way of saying, probably not worth it if there’s other better mythics you still need. There’s more ways than there used to be to get souls if that’s all you’re after.

Pharos-Ra was my first mythic ~3 years ago, which I got around lvl 780 (about 2 months after starting playing).
For me at the time, he was a great boon and allowed me to push further by building around him and making great use of him. Could push over kingdom challenges I couldn’t do otherwise, could manage pvp fights I had failed otherwise, and skyrocketed my soul related progress (along with the soul armor I had) my allowing my to upgrade troops & classes etc at a far better pace than I did before.

That said, there are better options for mythics today that will help you push through the game in other ways, he will only help with the soul progress. I haven’t used him in a long time now to be honest (year & half probably).
On the flip side, my irl friend started playing at same time as me, we have similar account level, but he was always far behind me in progressing his kingdoms & troops & classes (and weapons > dawn/duskbringer) with anything related to souls.
He was more gold focused and used gold armor, but… while that’s great to dump on guild tasks, and the occasional kingdom levels, it doesn’t help at all with any upgrades that need souls.

Which path you choose is entirely up to you.

Pharos Ra used to be virtually a necessity if you wanted to get Dawnbringer.

These days, now DB has been nerfed, there are better Mythics (and better weapons) to concentrate your resources on, so I’d save your Diamonds and look for something that will have better utitilty.

Yeah I am going to save them for Ironhawk instead.

According to Taran, Ironhawk was seen last in the previous mythic cycle:

( SoulForge Troops (

If you play around, you will see that we are in cycle 22 and

  • If I counted correctly, there are 46 mythics left, not seen in the current cycle.
  • Dividing by the number of mythics per week, which is 4.

In other words, it will take anywhere between 1 - 12 weeks (worst case 48 troops) to get Ironhawk in the soul forge. In other words, 1 week to 3 months.


:sweat_smile: On the flip side, maybe I will have saved enough for 3x then

I crafted Pharos-Ra this week and I don’t regret it one bit. I’m at level 1207 and I still need a ton of souls all the time. With Pharos-Ra you can get 1000 souls per minute, while levelling up purple storm classes. I also need Pharos-Ra to power up the kingdom. (I already have one Iron Hawk).

only if you need souls or power level priority.

I go with 2 ironhawks, can give me tons of souls too on vault weekends quick kill

When I started playing, Pharos-Ra was a MUST have mythic. Now, not so much. I’m also in the “Get two Ironhawks first” camp.
And I understand the quandry, since Ironhawk has not yet been seen this cycle, yet. It could pop up next week or two months from now.
However, it’s not a BAD mythic either. With all the medalling of troops needed for higher kingdom levels, and possible blocking a kingdom star for Khetar, mid gamers can really use that soul boost.
Or put together a soul farming team to get rid of the uber-annoying shrine of treachery counter.