Is Pharos Ra worth crafting?

Pharos-Ra is definitely worth crafting and can be used for any game mode. Don’t listen to the folks that’re saying he’s not worth it, they just don’t know how to build teams with him.

Would you mind sharing E12, PvP, or even gold farming teams with Pharos-Ra? I think many, including myself would benefit from these.


I agree it would be interesting to see what teams you use with Pharos-Ra.


You can make an E12 team with Pharos Ra. It’s just that it is usually better to use something else. I used to use Mountain Crusher/Dark Troll/TGK/Pharos (Titan) for E12

I agree with this. But with this logic, you can do a team with pretty much with any single card. When @Globey mentioned that you can guild many teams with Pharos-Ra, I assumed that he means teams that can compete the best known alternatives.

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I will indeed post some clips later on today.