Dupe Pharos-Ras - convince me, either yea or nay!

So for context, my current soul farming team is TDS, Pharos-Ra, Pharos-Ra, Aziris. I still need craptons of souls - I have most all units at Mythic but not all at level 20, and I don’t have either Dawnbringer or Xathenos so I still need to save up for all that nonsense. I also don’t yet have Abynissia, Death, Plague, or Wulfgarok, so crafting them in the future would be nice too.

Given that: is it worth it to craft a third Pharos-Ra? Would that be a net long-term gain, or would the opportunity cost of crafting a third one outweigh the benefits? I need opinions! Convince me either way!

Not worth a third.

I’m at 1 Pharos and I’m debating a second, but I’m at a million souls to craft Dawnbringer, but don’t know if I’d play it.


Your soul shortage is most likely a blip. They moved the soul wall a good ways back by introducing the soul forge, but if you play regularly, you’re going to catch up again, especially if you’re farming with two Pharos-Ra’s. If you ever want a complete collection, sacrificing 4000 diamonds for a 3rd copy of one you already have is probably not a step in the right direction. Even if you bat 1.000 on new mythic releases, it will still take you 6-8 months to farm enough diamonds to catch up on the ones you’re missing.

For context, I hit the old soul wall about 5 months ago (just before the forge was introduced) and even without ever deliberately farming souls, I’m already over 600,000. I’m a steady, but not heavy player.

I’d say nay.


But is the jump from 1 to 2 worth it?

I crafted my first this morning and want to know if I should get a second.

That’s a waste of diamonds if you ask me. 1 Pharos Ra is good enough.

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Thanks for the advice @Rylo_Ken

or should I say: Sen Bolo… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


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3 Trophy PVP. Easy farming for the next Mythic weapon that will require 1 Million souls like Dawnbringer.


I think you would come to regret crafting a third if you have other mythics you’re missing.

So I wouldn’t if I were in your shoes.

one is good for pvp.
two is great for explore/challenge.
three is just for fun. slow but fun looking at the souls gain. if you like dragon soul + 3 necro. something to play at lower difficulty and still get good amount of souls. is it worth it? maybe not. but i craft a third anyway. you however may want to save for other mythic.

I’ve got two. I use valkrie and the pair of ra’s and an acoylte. Get over 700 on warlord 4 and its reasonably quick. I prefer the valk to Tds because of the board control and extra initial soul injection going towards extra damage.
I certainly wouldn’t bother with more than two and even if I hadn’t pulled another one recently I’m not sure I’d have crafted one whilst other mythic troops are missing from my collection.