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hi guys i wanna know when i can craft pharos ra and how many materials needed? ty

You’ll need 4k diamonds and a fair amount of souls (5-10k, I think?).

There’s no way to know exactly when it will next show up, but you can see the mythic rotation cycle on taransworld.com

ty mate i think i can have him, just need a bit souls…

Pharos-Ra is a regular mythic troop, it costs the same as most others in the soul forge. If you can craft one of the others, then you have enough to craft Pharos-Ra. The cost is 20,000 souls, 4,000 diamonds (not gems) and 10 celestial traitstones.

He should be coming up in the soul forge soon-ish, within a month or so, before the end of the current mythic cycle.


Check soulforge this week :upside_down_face:

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I hope you have enough Diamonds at hand since he is up this week.

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And might not show up again for another 2-3months or more…

Pharos Ra is in the Soulforge this week!

ty guys for answers and yes he came :smiley:


And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what I call a happy ending.


thats not cool, actually a pathetic thinking and talking style…

That is the reality man.