Advice on whether to forge Infernus or Pharos-Ra

Hi all,
I’m currently lvl 400+ close to 500. Have slightly over half the legends, 3 low tier mythics (Apocalypse except Famine). Current souls 130k and 9 minor wisdom orbs (rather low). For my full collection:

I have just reached 4000 diamonds this week. Saw Pharos Ra last week on soulforge and Infernus this week. Should I wait for Pharos to reappear which may take a few months or use it for Infernus first?

Why do you have that many souls? Are all your troops leveled to their highest allowed? If you are only saving up for Dawnbringer, I think Infernus is the better choice. If you are still working on getting your troops’ levels up, then you might want to wait for Pharos-Ra to cycle back around.

I think Infernus is the better choice regardless, unless you are really into long, boring stretches of soul farming. Infernus has good raw power and great versatility, can be used in multiple farming setups (including delves). Pharos offers some raw power and control, but is primarily just used for soul farming, and while soul farming can offer progress, I’ve never actually needed to do it on any of my alts and even my main “coasted” past the necessity to do so with three star (what is now considered power four) kingdom tribute and into dawnbringer. You can be a lot more conservative with souls to get stars now than with the old power system, since leveling troops all the way that you don’t use is essentially pointless and the level 10 or 15 thresholds you need for early kingdom power stars take a fraction of the souls of leveling things to 20.

If you are after Pharos as just a stepping stone for Dawnbringer, remember that 20k souls an hour is still 64 more hours of hardcore farming, and even 30k souls per hour is still about 42 hours. Do you really want to put your nose to the grindstone that long for one weapon? You’ll probably want to spread your farming over many, many weeks, and not prioritize it to not burn yourself out unless you are really in tune with doing this kind of thing. Dawnbringer itself doesn’t really open up a lot of huge doors for you - speeds up arena farming to be sure and is a good weapon overall, but certain event and class weapons are often your anchor or win condition for tougher fights. The longer you put off farming for Dawnbringer, the more souls you’ll just gain passively that you can’t do anything with at all and the less of a grind it will be. And long enough, you basically get it for free (though it could be a long wait).


I agree with Mithran, Infernus is definitively the better choice. :+1:

Infernus is all-around more useful, as has been said. And I’ve used Pharos (successfully!) in Guild Wars.

Pretty sure I wouldn’t have one if I hadn’t forged mine ages ago (and I have all of them), just does not seem to want to appear…

Interesting analysis by Mithran, as usual. Does this mean the prevailing wisdom—that Pharos is a nigh-essential part of the path to end-game—is wrong?

I’m keeping my souls so that I can upgrade troops to use for events. Simply too many of them ain’t upgraded for 130k to spread out.

I’m just a casual player, so only when I have extra time at the end of every week then I explore using TDS Aziris.

How long does it usually take for the same mythic to cycle back in soulforge?

39 mythic troops, 4 in the soul forge per week, so the cycle resets every 10 weeks but it could be up to 20 weeks before it appears again if RNG puts it at the beginning of the first cycle and the end of the next.


I’ve always argued Infernus before P-R but it’s really personal preference.

Getting Infernus first is a major boost to your abilities in every game mode, but how much of a boost depends on what kinds of teams you can build.

Getting P-R is a major boost to your soul farming ability, and you’re really likely to be able to build a decent soul farming team.

But you’re only going to soul farm for about ~1.3 worth of souls. Once you do that, you’ll be at a point of the game where you get enough souls “just playing” to make pretty good progress without farming. So eventually you stop using Pharos-Ra unless you really want a slow-but-strong sniper. I haven’t used it in probably 5 months.

On the other hand, Infernus is always going to be among the “strong” mythics. You’ll keep using it over and over again. I used it this week.

I did P-R first and didn’t like that path, but I don’t think people who say to do it are wrong. I just think I’d have enjoyed Infernus more. (But also keep in mind there are several new, non-Infernus strong choices that have released since then. When I did P-R, Infernus was unquestionably the strongest troop in the game.)

INFERNUS all day long :grinning:
It has to be one if the best troops in the game

Let’s say after I get Infernus and PR (probably gonna take really long like half a year later), what do you guys think is the next most useful mythic (at this point)?

I used to say Megavore, Irongut is another really good one. I think Irongut might be the next-best one? Hard to say.

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Possessed king also. I think I use him more than any now

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I love infernus but they made it deal damage to slow now. Before it was boom,boom,boom done. Now its like so slow its aggravating

don’t be like me. I crafted two Pharos Ra’s and then immediately decided that i dont want to farm for dawnbringer. ill get it when i get it and in the mean time i have 2 PRs that i may never use again. Make absolutlely sure before you craft PR that farming for DB is what you want to do. otherwise get him later from an event chest drop/legendary task (with luck of course).

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Infernus is the best choice by fair, unless you want to do a giant grind of souls to get dawnbringer,and oh boy… Give up your life because 1 m and 300 souls are gonna remove your humanity and your social skills.

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In my opinion it depends on how bad you want dawnbringer. It’s not easy to get and Pharos Ra is a must.

I think unless you are obsessed with getting DB asap then infernus is the better choice here for you