Whom should YOU craft?


Have 4000 Diamonds but can’t figure out whom you should spend this precious on? Great!

Feel free to use this thread to ask that all important question:

And receive plenty of assistance from the most opinionated people on the planet! Forum Goers! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I need the assistance of my Forum friends and family!

I have my first 4000 diamonds and have 3 troops missing from my collection:
Pharos Ra, Wulfy, and Xanth

I WANT Pharos more than Wulfy, but he is still 33% of my missing collection…

I know that since I have a need to soul farm, I would get more play out of Pharos, but without a release schedule on Soulforge Mythics, I might be waiting a week, or I might be waiting months…

I need help…



If you need souls go for Pharos-RA


Just bite the bullet and wait for the RA?


Yup, no haste brudda! :slight_smile:


I agree 100% to put some emphasis on it i have a pharos already fully traited and he may still be the first one i craft so i can have 2 for farming souls


But I these Diamonds are burning a whole in my pocket… I want to use the Forge SOOOOOOOOOO Bad! :sob:

But I think you are right… I’ve waited this long, might as well wait for the guy I REALLY want… :pouting_man:


Yup! It is called “delayed gratification” it makes the payoff that much sweeter :wink:


I’d vote for Pharos as well. When you combine him with Valkyrie and TDS, you can do amazingly fast soul farming.


@Ashasekayi Yeah. 3 very intelligent people suggested I should wait for Pharos.

And you, @Vangor, and @Eika suggested it too! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

j/k :heart: to you all!






Pharos… yeah… I typed this BEFORE ANYONE ELSE posted but I forgot to hit the “reply” button. So really, mine was first and what you all jumped on my bandwagon for.


Well they said it all - just craft that Pharos-Ra already! Now that we have a SoulSink get the troop that’ll provide more, especially if the Forge gets new weapons in the future.


I have no idea what you should do about crafting; I’m just happy to see “whom” used correctly. :+1:


I had to edit my title because it was driving me nuts to see I had written WHO the first time! lol :joy:


I’d go Pharos-Ra too if those others are the only others you need. Wulfgarok is much better if you can double up, xathenos is just shit, so it’s a no brainer really.
I crafted famine this morning and if I miss out on doomclaw, he’ll possibly be my next target. Or ketras.
Pharos-Ra and 3 necromancy trait troops gives me 625 souls per explore, so it’s good if you want more souls.


I would do Pharos-Ra first if I were you, perfect for building up your souls, Wulfgarok is good if used right, Xathenos looks pretty mediocre at best so I would wait until they either buff him or rework him entirely.


Pharos-Ra, hands down.


If you have Pharos-Ra, then I think the next best option is Famine.

Bit of a toss up after that for me, but I’d probably say Gard then Draakulis then Stonehammer to round out the Top 5.


First and foremost, thank you to everybody for sharing their opinions and helping me decide. I hate to wait, but Pharos Ra is definitely the more important/useful piece of my collection. So I WILL be waiting to craft.

Secondly, I have changed the Title and OP to make this a viable thread for ANYBODY who has a similar question.

Thanks Again everybody! :wink:


I’m waiting for Gard to come around again…