Which kingdom is this week?

Hi, its worth it use event keys this week? I’m looking but can’t see wich kingdom are the troops this week.


Glacial Peaks.
Go to Troops and set as kingdom ‘Glacial Peaks’.
Then ‘Show unowned’.

How do you know its Glacial Peaks, In the event section can’t see it… If its glacial peak I don’t have Queen Mab, but only have14 keys…

If you go to the Chests menu, → event chests it will show the ‘Yeti’ card that has Glacial Peaks on it. Also I’ve read about it on taransworld


I always just use Taran’s World. I get the feeling we might be able to rely on the Raid Boss kingdom always being the event kingdom.

Either way, Skadi seems like a Bad Deal for event keys. I’m not spending any.

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Queen Mab is one of the strongest legendaries in the game, 14 Event keys have a low probability of drawing her, but i doubt you’ll find a better use for them.

Thanks, only opened 2 snow-hunters. Now I’m thinking about open more event chest with gems (I have 495) or directly open 50 gem keys…

I wouldn’t waste that many gems on event keys for this. You’re likely to get 1 Queen Mab and a host of troops you don’t need. There are kingdoms (like Shentang or Bright Forest) that have MANY powerhouses that will pay off better.

If you want Queen Mab, your best bet is to save your diamonds and wait for her to be available in Soulforge.

Your next-best bet is to trade glory for event keys via the “Spoils of War” bundle in the shop. But again, remember this is a very bad week to spend event keys so you are getting a very bad deal.

I agree that Queen Mab is “one of the strongest legendaries in the game”, but personally my Mab teams are my 2nd-string. I use them sometimes in PvP for specific matchups where I need her, like vs. Goblins. I think she’s very powerful if you can pull off one of the meta teams today, but that requires Dawnbringer. While I’ve definitely been clobbered by Forest Troll / Nyx / Valk / Mab, it seems far less consistent and I don’t go out of my way to avoid it. The Dawnbringer variant is one I don’t bother with.

So, if you’ve spent 1.3m souls to craft Dawnbringer, definitely try your hardest to gamble for a Queen Mab. If that’s not you, my personal opinion is you should wait. The kinds of troops you should go for broke on are Infernus, The Worldbreaker, and The Dragon Soul.

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Mab is very useful because of her freezing trait and often used with Valkyrie to get extra turn.
But In my eyes Queen Mab isn’t as useful as Gorgotha or TDS.