Need a Queen Mab

I am trying to get a Mab, what chest is best please?

This is totally random, you can get her from glory, guild or vip chest

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Hmmm well i burned 1500 gems and failed. The rng in this game is very poor and i am VIP lvl 7. So they have had enough money out of me lol.

Your best bet is to wait for a Glacial Peaks event and open Event Chests.


so the pc event will happen this week so in 4 to 5 weeks console will get it, right?

While logically that might make sense, the devs are speeding up the console troops, so it’s possible the troop might be added to chests without an event as part of a separate event. It’s a bit of wait and see at the moment.

well you guys and gals are doing a amazing job, keep up the great work.

I’m sorry did someone mention Mab?


I don’t really know what is going on in that picture, but I approve.

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It’s a very silly forum joke because I love Mab.

that’s who i voted for

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You’re the actual best.

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You know what’s better than Queen Mab? Two Queen Mabs! Because let’s face it, when it comes to dessert foods, nothing is yummier than ice queen clones.

sees herself out


It just seems that everyone is using Mab and Justice teams in pvp on xbox. The freeze on match 4 is a pain in the arse!

So if u cant beat em, join em. I NEED A MAB!!!

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Does that make her your “fey-fu” :stuck_out_tongue: ? Or would she be a fey-wai-fu? So confusing…


I’ve been stuck on 5 Queen Mabs for what seems like forever. No Mythic Mab for me. :cry:

Today might be your lucky day. Treat yourself to an ice queen Sunday!

wonders briefly how she got back in; sees herself back out


This was a quality pun. Beautiful.

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i’ve mab you cold-handed and queening around!