Are VIP Chests worth it for me?

I’m debating saving up for 50 VIP chests cause I’m missing one legendary from my lineup (Mab). I’ve been reading up on the chests since I’m still not sure how the drop rate is, I know they drop legendaries at a higher clip, but are the legendaries specifically event targetted?

Would it be better for me to get tons of gems chests rather than VIP chests if I’m looking for Mab?

It would be better to get the gem chests. Vip chests are great for arcane stones though!

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You can also use Event keys any time the week features Glacial Peaks for a massive increase of chance to pull Queen Mab

VIP chests are no longer event targeted. Doing 50 VIP chests is better than 250 gem chests if looking for legends and epics. Event chests would be ideal, but it would be a while before Glacial Peaks rolls around again.

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Sniped again @Tacet :grin:


Partially sniped. Machiknight that sniped me has the opposite position. :stuck_out_tongue:

Your best bet would have been during the Yeti event. Which ended almost a week ago, unfortunately.

As has been said, it will definitely be a while before Glacial Peaks gets another event.

This makes me sad for him too :frowning:

On the flip side it sorta looked like Drifting Sands is coming back soon and we all know what that means…

If @PanHybrid has Gems saved up for the Gem chests mentioned, would anyone be against the advice to use them on Event chests before the week ends?

That means Maw is getting his 3rd trait nerfed soon. :wink:

Depends if he wants/needs Crimson Bat and other Ghulvania troops. Bat is great after all, more so with his buff.

If VIP chests really aren’t event targetted anymore then I would probably will save for the VIP chests. But I’m going to be really sad if I get 10 crimson bats … has anyone done any large VIP pulls recently?

Oh that’s right, PC is on Ghulvania now. My bad!