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Gem chest vs vip chest

I know this is straight up rngezus stuff, BUT since i want to invest some hard earned gems, and 500 gems dont come that easy. This is, for me atleast, at level 150. I would like your advice on what to pick now in 2.0.

I do have some missing legendaries like queen mab and bone dragon i’d like to have to enforce my teams with. I have most epics and dont really miss out on any atm as opposed to their (arcane) stones for 2nd and 3rd traiting.

I have opened about 20 vip chests in the past and received stones and epics, never legendaries (rgn right).

Anyways, your thoughts please.

Keep saving, and wait for the city you want troops from to pop up in the event chest, then open those.

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I tend to be partial to gem chests over event or VIP without specific cases.

If you are hunting for specific legendary, you may find Event Chests of the kingdom in question to improve your odds for those specific legendaries, when / if you get a legendary roll… but… you may have to deal with receiving a LOT of the UR blues in between. So, you’ll need quite the reserve and a bit of patience to wait for your week in question.

If you have a number of legendary troops to acquire, and you are still going to mythic several troops, I’d stick with regular gem chests.

The best odds for a legendary drop in least amount of opened chests seems to be VIP at the moment, and the arcane stones that come from them are end-game type resource all look for… but generally I find them to be way too pricey. There’s not a guarantee that you are getting the drop you want for sure, just better drops and highest frequency.

I have found a mythic drop in gem (Famine) and in VIP (War)… and neither was easy or fast for me to come by.

good luck,

Gem Chests have best value if you are trying to bulk up your amount of cards. You can open up 250 gem chests for the cost of 50 VIP chests. 50 VIP chests will give around 80-96 troops and stones whereas gem chests will yield 250. The gem chests will net a lower rarity average, but you get a lot more for the same cost. If all your ultra rares aren’t mythic yet then gem chests will pretty much always be better than VIP chests. If you have pretty much all ultra rares at mythic and plenty of runic traitstones, then VIP will just about always be better.


Thanks for this suggestion. :smile_cat:

After using event keys to target an event troop, I always struggle to decide between using gem keys or VIP keys. Your advice makes the most sense.

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thank you for the replies. gem chests it will be.

If you desperately want Bone Dragon, there is a Khetar-based event currently running - therefore event chests have a chance of drawing either Bone or KoS for a legendary. You might have to spend more than you’re comfortable with though.

valid point, unfortunately it was a bunni’nog and a sheggra.