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Can legendary cards be obtained through event chests?

So, I wanted to get access to vip chests and support the developers. So I spent $100 yesterday on the blue armor and goblin king pack. Then I realized next week’s event may be for glacial peaks. I have queen mab, and would love to get borealis. I will really be upset if borealis is the new $50 package and I missed out on it. But, I have over 50 event keys. Could I pull a legendary troop like borealis from them? Thanks for any insight.

Event chests can get legendary troops, and any that show up will be of the kingdom that the current event is for. Therefore Borealis and Queen Mab should be in the event chests next week.

VIP chests used to work similarly (i.e. the epic and legendary troops were of the kingdom of the current event) but they’ve been changed this patch to be all epics and legendaries. Event chests are now the go-to for ‘focusing’ on a specific troop.

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The devs said event chests do not drop mythics. All other cards, like legends, drop the same rate as gem chests.

Also, Queen Mab is much better than the new dragon.

Next week’s Event Chest should be very nice since it’ll have both of the Legendaries in it. Very tempted to finally get the DK armor.

Thanks. I’m not that great at building teams. I’ve subscribed to your YouTube channel for tips. It just seems like freezing all enemies is more useful than mana burn all enemies.

Thanks for all the replies guys.

If you go to the event chest screen and wait around a bit, you’ll see a set of troop pictures cycling through on the left side. As much as I know, those troops are definitely part of the loot table, with a greatly increased chance to get picked.

Borealis and Queen Mab should both be in event chests next week.


Thanks for the heads up. Appreciate it.

This is odd, since @Nimhain edited my FAQ post to include Event in the list of chests that War could drop from. Any clarification Nimhain?

It may drop from them. It would make sense that they would. The last I have seen they were specifically excluded from the list that Sirrian mentioned. I have yet to open anything gem related and won’t be until Monday, so I have no clue. xD

I removed event chests from the list, I didn’t add it.

Uhhh… It looks like I read the edit log wrong some how… and somehow I managed to add it back in again straight afterwards… Maybe I was editing at the same time and your change got overwritten?

Either way, apologies for the confusion. bow I’ve fixed my post now as well.

EDIT: Yeah looks like both edits were at 10:50am, though oddly mine only seems to add the word back in, which I definitely did NOT do… O.o