New Mythic in Chest Question

Running on Android system. When i look at my chest drops it says it changes in 2 days and the event chest still says that Abynissia is avalable. But the official release says only the new mythic is avalable. Which is it? I don’t want to spend resources if it hasn’t switched on my phone yet.

What am I missing?

Abynissia is only available in Event chests, as it’s currently a Blighted Lands event.

Jotnar Stormshield is the only Mythic available from Glory, Gem, Guild and VIP chests.

  • the new mythic isn’t available in event chests, only glory, gem, guild and VIP chests. The new mythic is the only.mythic in those chests
  • Event chests contain all the troops from that kingdom (although sometimes you still get others as well.
  • This week’s event is blighted lands. As Abynissia is from blighted lands she is in event chests. Having said that, the chance of getting Aby from event chests is super low

You’re good to open chests and hunt for that new mythic :slight_smile:

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okay now i feel like an idiot…i guess i assumed it was all chests. Thanks guys!

No need; I think just about everyone has made that mistake before. Heck even after knowing this I’ve still blown through a bunch of event keys looking for the weekly mythic only to remember afterwards that it was never in the event chest to begin with lol