Event keys for Glacial Peaks

Hi there,

Just spent approx 2000 gems on event keys to get Queen Mab, got 6 Borealis instead.
Just curious if this is normal? Or Queen Mab isn’t in the pool this week?

Not complaining, although I am a very sad panda!

What platform was this on Leyor? I pulled some Mab’s from event keys yesterday.

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Completely normal and happens to me every time a new Legendary is released. I usually get 6 copies of the “Old” legendary. Its what chews through my resources.


But getting new mythics doesn’t chew through your resources so I guess it balances itself out :wink:


It’s RNG. Spin of the wheel. Roll of the dice. It’s what makes the win all that more delicious and what keeps you coming back for one more try.

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Yup I used 250 and 4k gems to mythic highforge. It’s insane.


Yeah, you’re like the only person that I face with a mythic Highforge, I always need to change my invade team to beat you.

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Now, only if Boraelis was good…

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Well after a few battles against nemevjmsis I’ve had to alter it.
Do you find that team tricky to beat?


What’re you tryin ta say?

That’s a sweet guild name, kinda sounds like ours tho? You act like we are the only ones to use it then ur dreaming, I see it daily.

Bring on the the vjm bc I find it easier then most!

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This was on Windows!

I tried to buy them in increments of 10 and 50.
Made my first in game purchases, Growth pack 1 and 2… blew all the gems on this.

Mostly just angry with myself for not stopping, but figured it’d turn up eventually.

You don’t need mab anyway, then you’ll just use vjm and everyone will gripe about it, lol.

Nut back to topic, keys will always be random so don’t go to crazy over 1 troop. You’ll get it when you least expect it.

Thats true… On mobile during release week for highforge i spent 300 keys and a couple thousand gems on event chests and didnt get one but managed to obtain 9 gorgothas that i alreadt had mythic x4…

A few hours later when i got home on ps4 i used 10 keys and got one… Damn RNGsus

I tried for stone hammer, 250 event keys, only made high forge mythic tho.

Yes I do, very much so. There’s no fast way to win.

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Thanks, it was one of our guild members who came up with it. I’m alternating between that and something else this week.